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Are You Listening From Within?

Yet so as we go, we as people get caught in the space where we are trying to be ‘who we are from within’ and do what we know how to do and serve for the good of mankind. Many of us end up stepping on our own feet, trying to do this special gift that we have within. BUT, that is because when we face what we think are obstacles or resistance, which comes from people we encounter, we stop and feel bad at what we think is happening to us. Yet that is the universe’s message saying to us: “wait, there is more I have to give you, that you will need to be in this space of all loving”, which will give to you the greatest love. And when you heed the voice and wait for your right moment, ‘the seed’, you will be happier and richer for it.



Are You Seeing The Gifts I Hold Within? 

As I wait for the weather to shed it’s light for me to see the truth in nature, I study still life settings made from the Divine, nature. I can’t help but see what the light is showing me. For instance, I have here two of the last blooms from my roses sitting in a glass vase and under my halogen light, a warm light, I am noticing how the warm light is pushing out exactly what is inside of it. The colors that make up this light are spreading it’s spectrum over the roses, and so not only is it showing the colors of the roses, it is showing the color of the light in all of it’s make-up. I am noticing how the light brings out the truth of the forms and character of the roses but also what the flower has to tell us. This truth is also true of every individual soul on this planet. So if we can look at life as deeply as this, we will all see what life is truly telling us. Wouldn’t life be great if we could see the real truth in the open, not the truth of what we think it is, because this at it’s surface, is ‘us’ projecting. I invite you to go further, to see what life has to offer.



Do You Feel My Frequency?

So let’s ponder frequency for a moment. Light, color and every plant, animal and soul carry their own frequencies. For that matter every particle on earth has it’s own frequency. You just need to be sensitive to the frequency (which is one way to see it),  but if you slow down and live deliberately, it will appear as it always has–only this time you will see it clearly. One has to look really deeply to see the frequency that light omits sometimes, but it is certainly there, and this is what an artist sees when they paint a painting. Colors have their own frequency and you know this even when you don’t see it, simply by  the mood that colors provoke when you look at a painting. Notice how you can look at paintings and feel a certain way or sometimes not at all. Well, that is the mood or thoughts that come up from; within you. Be it from a past thought, it certainly is carrying it’s own frequency of the entire event. So objects have their frequency, souls have their frequency, animals, etc, etc. Why can’t we pick up on frequencies and know where we should be in life? It certainly would be easier to maneuver life if we did. This experience happens within every soul. Ever wonder why it is that people move about in life and connect with some and some we resist? There are so many people on this earth–some you really see, and a lot you don’t. Think frequency.



Are You In Divine Love Or Divinly In Love With Who You Think You Should Be With?

Everyone talks about love, what they love, who they love, and what their love interests are… but does anyone really know love and understand true love?    I speak of love from the Divine. Yes it would be best if I focus on what I love purely from the heart, otherwise known as your passion. BUT, what I love from my heart, my passion, is different because of the way in which I do what I love, and that it comes purely from my heart, and in just my way. Yes people can imitate it but what you love is like a signature or like your footprint. No one really does it your way, and this thing that you love comes straight from YOUR heart. Well now let’s see, what I do best comes from my heart so it stands to reason that this is how I will sustain myself throughout my life. I need my heart. It is very important to take care of my heart for my sake and for my bodies sake. So why do we run to give our hearts away to someone we think we love?  Not only that but if the key to life is in my heart, what are we doing giving our hearts away? Yes we look for someone to love but isn’t this really looking to place someone in your heart space?

Love from the Divine is pure love, so can we actually match this on earth? Has anyone tried and been successful? Divine love won’t break your heart.  It might help you see things more clearly which simetimes we may not like the way the message is delivered to us, but you will get the message and it will move you beyond this thing we seem potentially stuck in. Divine love feeds you energy for life. Divine love is always trying to communicate with you to bring you to your highest good. Divine love is what lead you to that one thing you do best. Divine love is truly gentle. It is consistent, unconditional and always acting towards your best interest. Can we top that?

So how do we see the Divine love, how do we know it? Well if you don’t know, begin right where you are and open your eyes to observe things as they really are. In my case it is my art. I observe nature and in my study of all that is in my study, focusing deeply, I can see all that is about what I am painting and a little bit further, there he is, speaking to me, showing me all that I want to know through what I am doing right at this moment. Please try this for yourself. You will know what I speak of here.



So If I Have This Fear, Where Does It Come From And Why Am I Fearful Of This?

I sign my emails with this statement, “The body is the most beautiful and intelligent device”, and what I am saying here is the body has it’s own intelligence. We grow up either taking for granted what we see as the body functions which essentially mean to us the most basic things a body does, but there is much more to it than this. The body at first stage knows how to operate with all the organs to take care of you, and muscles work with the bones to move you and carry you to what you wish to do, but there is more. Every human body sees things differently and that is because we are projecting from within what we need to see in order to heal ourselves from what we fear and need to become free of. Those projections come from the soul and they are coming from many lifetimes of experiences we have had. whether you believe it or not, we al have had several lifetimes to become our best, and this is because we continue to come in life to learn what we need to be our greatest self. The soul carries the knowledge from these experiences and shows it in front of us, and the body works with this information to its most direct path… its basic job is to bring you close to the Divine. Want to take a look at what you need to learn and walk through with understanding, look and see what resonates with you or what you see in front of you. Look at it like a hologram. I know these experiences we walk right in to, we think unknowingly but I beg to differ. They are our life lessons and they really have a great deal to show us. Yes they feel often like pain and fearful but just on the other side of this what we feel as a painful experience is love from the Divine, a great gift. 

As you walk through some of these experiences you might ask, why me because the pain seems unbearable sometimes, but look at it this way, this is the shortest distance between two points and it is the way to learn about these experiences, a walk through. It hits hard sometimes and it stings but stay with it because there is great understanding that comes through this experience. The soul and the body are your friends and they work together to assist in your life experience. So when sometimes you get pings, pains, rigid, or restrictions within the body, ask the question, “what is this I am feeling and then why”. You will get the answer and it will bring you even closer to freedom and the Divine. Keep looking, these messages are there, or better yet ask yourself, “what am I manifesting?”



Is It Called Pain Because The Experience Did Not Come As I Expected?

Pain, this is an interesting topic. We hold pain. We hold pain in our bodies, around our hearts and in our minds, but this is the one thing that causes us our suffering. Holding on to what we feel is the pain we have been caused or experienced from other people, is the very thing that actually makes us pause. We don’t realize it but the way we feel about that experience causes us to stop dead in our tracks, and it is exactly that, dead in our tracks. What ever the age or the space we stop at in our lives is literally where we stay. We really end up going no further or at least until we see it for what it truly is, gain understanding, and then walk through it. This is how we move forward, process life, and remain literally alive and in the moment. Yes this is not easy, but it is what we must do in order to experience true and unconditional love, love of the Divine. You have heard I am sure that the present is where the gift is, or that this is why it is called the present, because this is truly where the gifts for you are.

That moment that you become present, when you detach from what we see as a pained experience is really an act of love. One that comes to us to allow us to gain understanding of this experience in all of it’s truths and then release it. If you can do this you will walk more in the space of unconditional love and it will bring you closer to your gifts from the Divine, and act of love. This is really the love we seek and it is because we know of this great love within our souls. We get confused about love by what we experience from other people looking for love, but you will not find this love outside of yourself, you will find it and everything that you need is already within you.

We come here believe it or not with everything we need to do that great thing or things we bring in this space of life to the world, an act of creation at our finest to do. So what holds us back?  Us, we hold ourselves back from this great love, from these great gifts, from the Divine., but we can turn this around, we only  need to believe from our hearts, that this is true. So what are we waiting for?

Enough on pain for the moment. There is so much more we should come to understand. to be continued …



HaveYou Heard That Saying, What YouResisr, Persists?

So now a bit more on pain, pain in the body. We get messages from our body and these could be little pings or discomforts within the body, but how else can the body talk to us. This is the body’s voice. If you are comfortable you won’t hear it. Pain has a very direct way of getting our attention doesn’t it?   Sure we don’t like it and believe me I fuss too, but I have certainly learned that I can fuss all I want, I have to understand what it is the body is trying to tell me, and guess what,  there are no cliff notes, no cue cards with tips and no two body’s tell us all of it the same way. This is where some of the most beneficial work comes in, and this is the introduction to you, so dig in please. You will learn so much about yourself.

At first you might not like what you discover but this is the great chance to turn things around, and actually if you go forward and understand what it is the body is telling you, you will free yourself of the suffering which comes from resisting what is. From my experience, these lessons come through your greatest strength and the people who seem to start your lessons off are the people we hold close to us. Now we might want to say things like, this is not fair but fair is actually receiving your true life, a life of love and Divine gifts, the life you were intended to live. Really you are waiting and trying to figure out how to do those things you love, so why not have the courage to walk through.

You are never alone on this journey of your life, so have faith and keep moving forward., and if you feel like you are stuck or you don’t understand, this is the time for meditation. Meditation, or the silence, has knowledge which is coming from the space of love, so don’t be afraid of just sitting with yourself. No meditation is not foo foo or airy fairy, it is real and it has so many benefits for you. There is one thing I can tell you though, if you feel like you could use some help beyond the meditation you can always try a Hypnotherapist. The one I would recommend has written something on my first page but you can try whomever you are comfortable with. carry your belief with you because it works.



Has My Body Betrayed me Because This I was Not Expectin

So the body is an interesting device. Look in the dictionary and these are some of the phrases used in the dictionary,  something devised or contrived: as planproceduretechnique a scheme to deceive :stratagemtrick, something fanciful, elaborate, or intricate in design, something (as a figure of speech) in a literary work designed to achieve a particular artistic effect,  used to achieve a particular dramatic effect, a mechanism designed to serve a special purpose or perform a special function, and yes the body fits all of these.

We look at our body as the sole focus of our being but it is very intelligent and so much more than that. We judge it by how good looking it is, or how it stands up against others. We look for it’s beauty and when we feel it is not there we go out and buy what we think we need to be whatever it is that will make us feel good about it. We judge it’s performance, etc etc., but why not see why we were given this body in the first place. Yes we need a body to live on this earth but you have to ask the questions, what is unique about me in this body, what gifts does this body hold for me, why do I walk, talk, see and use the body as I do. The body has messages unique to you. Take a look at how you use every little piece of you, there are clues there.

How do I know this? I am an artist that paints messages of the body. I can look at how you are utilizing it and I can pick up messages you carry within, from your soul. This is what I paint when I paint your full portrait. Yes we all have messages that we carry from within, and often there are many. People walk around with messages from deep within that are to assist us to our greater good, and we each see things differently. In fact the soul carries what you came in this life to learn and what you most need to see and gain understanding of. The body’s job is to take the knowledge forward and project the situation or circumstances, creating the images or holograms of what you see. These are yours and yours alone, but how else can you experience these without people and their actions., interactions. What the Divine wants us to do is love the messenger. I know easier said then done but this is our big part and it must be. So don’t kill the messenger, they are just doing their part and believe it or not, this is all coming from love, love from the Divine.



Can You Imagine A World Where There Are No Limits To What You Can Have Or Do?  

Speaking on the body again, In this place of contrast which the earth plane is, the body, our bodies move about seeing what we want and seeing what we don’t want to see. We feel our job is to sift through and find what we would like to have in our lives, but have you ever thought about why it is we make the choice we make?  For that matter,  have you ever thought about why it is that we see what we see? Everyone does not see the same, I assure you of that. So why do we choose what we choose for our experiences? We choose what resonates within us, which is very similar to saying we see what we want to see, even if it is not quite true. You see life serves up many opportunities, an array of experiences, and these experiences are our life lessons, the thing that we came in this life to learn, and the only way you learn these is to walk through the experience again, only this time we need to feel it, gain understanding of this experience and then release it. This is not easy to do but we must, and release. Doing so will give you the freedom you desire. This freedom I talk about comes from the love you find in an open heart, not a vulnerable heart, but a heart that walks in the space of love and knowledge. This love and knowledge comes from the Divine who has and is pure unconditional love.

So believe it or not those contrasts and experiences we receive are coming from the space of love too. They are there to help us grow to be all that we were intended to be, which is greater than we could have imagined for ourselves. It might seem that these experiences, which could serve pain, have to be in our way of feeling good and yes they are, but that is ours to deal with and we have every thing within to do so. Do you want to know the Divine? These messages that the body holds are in the way of interacting directly with the Divine, so the brave and needed thing to do is to walk through and free yourself.

Your beliefs and your body serve up the experiences, your job is to gain understanding, compassion and detachment. This is the great gift, the one that causes your expansion to the greatest you. Think of how vast the intelligence is to orchestrate so many things to so many people and all at the same time. How can we not trust this. Shall we go?



So What Are You Expressing? What Are You Holding Within?

As I paint my portraits of people what comes forth is the messages from within. These messages we carry, and there are many, because as you come here in this life to learn what they were about and to gain an understanding of the entire aspects, we pick up more things to understand, are there for us to learn the truth of. Why? Because we are okay with what we came here to learn but we are not okay with the way is is delivered to us in this life, but how would you learn if a similar situation is brought up to you again? You would say, ah I’ve seen this one before and I’m not falling for this again for sure. Everything is not the same. So how can it come to you the exact same way? Would you learn what you came here to learn if it was exactly as you expected it?

When I paint portraits, what I see is what is so live and in the foremost in your mind. You can’t help it. It is just right there, sort of on the surface to me. I definitely capture your look but I end up painting what you are thinking or feeling in your expression. You can look at those as a help. Look at it as a gift from your soul helping you free yourself. I am sure the Divine has intended this for you. I certainly have no control over what comes out of you to me. So think of this, the Divine has several ways to help you do what you came here to do. This is just one way. The Divine so loves you unconditionally, so let the love from the Divine in. I am not saying it is easy but in time it will get better, this I am certain of. The Divine has not left you here alone but the Divine is not going to throw it on you. You have to want it yourself and I hope you do because no greater love will you ever find.

Think of the infinite intelligence of what it takes to bring this forward. Know that if the Divine can bring it to you, that the Divine will guide you through it. You just have to have some faith in yourself and faith in the Divine. That is all that is required along with the will to do and be what you desire. I am not saying that you need to have a portrait done, but what I am saying is that there is more to life than what you are seeing. Go beyond what you think is there at you and look within, because everything that we need is within us. Life, your soul and your body are making sure of that. So don’t get caught in the distractions of what is around you. See more.



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So Why Do I Have To, And Why Is Illusion So Big To Me?

Fears that we hold within.

Fears within us that we are not working through become greater when we do not face them. Accepting them for what they are at this moment (a big one), and recognizing them for why they exist and what they are truly about is ours to do. I am not saying that this isn’t a big task and one like this doesn’t take courage, but I am saying that we can do this, that we have everything within us to do so.

Fear is something that we came here to work through. Yes we have gifts to bring to the world but we also have work to do. Do you think that the Divine would allow us to come through if we did not have something special to offer the world? This gift that we have is truly ours and unique to us, so it will never go away, but we are also committed to do our work. But really don’t look at it like it is pain work or work at all. Look at it as the gift that it is, because it comes from love and just on the other side of it is love like you would never know.  Fear is just a very thin illusion that sits over the truth. Feel afraid to go through this? look to your heart. You will see from your heart not only the truth but the love that it really is.



Your Frequency, Can We Call It Vibration Too?

Ever wonder why you feel so good when you hear good music?  Good music, music that you love, brings your frequency up to a higher level and has the ability to put you closer to where we prefer to live, in the space of love. When you hear good music don’t let anyone bring you back down, (please listen safely) and if you are near someone who has pain during that time, move away and stay in the right frequency (in a safe space). Your best work can be done from this place, believe me.

I often wondered why people choose to listen to the pain words in a song. To resonate with it? to commiserate? Do we really want to sit with the pain?  Pick it up and keep moving, it’s just life’s way of saying you’re on the wrong track.  Look for yours, you will know it when it feels good so keep moving until you get it. It’s like gears turning. When it fits right in the slot it works and you know it!

Speaking on frequency, did you know that colors are also frequency  Of course you do, so we all should pay attention to how we feel when we are around certain colors. Colors have the ability to lift us up or bring us down. Also colors have messages for us too, This comes from the frequency it carries within itself. and within the universe, which gives us messages from the frequency of the colors you connect with. Your soul, which sits within you, knows what those colors mean to you and this is also the Divine giving you very important messages to do to live in a better space. This all comes from the Divines love for you. So when you are walking around, doing you, notice the messages, they are a gift of Divine guidance.



What Are You Going To Do When You Meet You For The First Time?

Let’s talk a bit about life for a moment. We all move about life, our daily lives, trying to figure out a way to do that one thing, that one thing that we just love to do so much that we just have  to share it with the world, and hence we begin our struggle. Now think about this for a moment. We walk around full of heart, so full of loving what we want to do in life that we begin to find a way to make it happen, all the while looking to share it with a partner, a loved one. We love this thing so much that we just want to share the good news, so to speak, with everyone who will listen, and we hope that it is many. So we open our eyes to the world around us hoping to share all this love we start out with inside of us, but opening our eyes to the world around us has good AND bad, things, we have never seen, things we have never experienced, or things we never thought of.  It’s like eye candy for the soul we think. This begins our daily struggles. What we see, we observe it in it’s raw state but we don’t touch or bite every opportunity that comes around to us, only the ones that have some sort of connection or interest to us. Now mind you, we are still working on the thing we love, but we are also walking around communicating between our soul, our heart, our body, and then the world around us. A bit much but how else can we live here in this space on earth we think. The search is another part of us knowing the value of love but it’s real love you seek and only the Divine can offer you unconditional love. The other love that is here is everyones interpretation of what love is. Now think of that like the game of telephone and now smile. We don’t know what we are doing is not quite the way we want it but we can’t help believing that it does not have all that we are seeking. Don’t kill the messenger here again.

So going about to make our dreams happen we find that we need to pick up more pieces to add to our goal, more knowledge, more experiences, more skills period. It could be weeks, months or years before we finally get to do what we originally set out to do. A lot of us, or I should say all of us run in to obstacles, but those are not obstacles, they are forks, turns and twists that resonate with our spirit in some way. Curious that we are, we need to find out why this is, or what has intrigued us to make a turn.  Sometimes those turns sting or sometimes those turns have a bit of wisdom or things we will need,  to complete our goals, but you have to keep moving because you have not accomplished your dream. Yes we stop sometimes when the thing we found feels so good to us but that was the time you took hanging on to this one thing you found. You still have to keep walking towards your goal, that ultimate one. Now don’t get mad for the time you took holding on to that illusion, there is still time to believe in your dream coming true. Just look at this experience like the illusion that feels to real or right to let go of at this time. 

We all do this. We all experience this, and yes there are tools, experiences or knowledge pieces along our journey but you will either reach a point when you begin to analyze what this is all about or you will feel like you will never make your dream come true., and just when you are about to give up, something wonderful comes to grab you. Hopefully you see it and hopefully you will walk along with it. These are your precious gifts and all your hard work coming up to meet you.  It is everything that you put in your dream space to make things happen. This is the hand of the Divine, he hears you and he sees you. He knows what you want to do and he knows the most perfect way to make it more than you ever imagined, but I ask you to look over your life and all the experiences you have walked through and see something. Aren’t all those experiences unique to you? Isn’t there something in those experiences that you found you were really good at? Now look at the map of those things. This is not discreet information. These are the pieces you needed to do things uniquely to you, and this is the hand of the Divine watching over, your plans, and most importantly your heart. You are not alone in your journeys and these people/experiences are allowing you to learn you lessons in life to free your soul so that you may do what you love purely from your heart space.  This is the great journey, this is the reward, this is the blessing. The thing you have to do is believe in the process that keep unfolding for your greatest good. So when you are looking at other souls in this planet space, know too that they are going through what you are going through. These are some of the things I pick up when I paint or draw your portrait.

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Remember, what we refuse to accept has dominion over us.



Why Are You So Comfortable With Your Story? Are You Afraid To Let Go? Afraid Of What You Might Discover?

Let me talk a little bit about our stories, the stories we hold on to.

We all walk around with things that we feel have happened to us along the way of life. They are real to us and yes they did happen this way, but I would ask that you look at these experiences a little closer, a little harder and in solitude.There are two sides to life. One that man sees and one where the Divine makes things right.  I bet we can find many situations that we can pull up from our experiences that really impacted our lives in a not so pleasant way. Lets face it, this is why we hold on to these experiences.

Some of these experiences we hold on to as a way to remind us not to do that one again, or I will remember that you did this to me or treated me this way. Now I am not saying that these experiences did not happen, but what I am saying is that what we hold on to does a number of things. These experiences keep us in this space of where they happened, not allowing us to expand further to our greater good, becoming more of what you desire to be or do in this world. They keep you from living a whole life, one in freedom and loving yourself. They often make us either try to make those same things happen to other people or tell people that the experience you just had was really this … .  The sort let me see how you do with this, or how you feel about this. We don’t mean to do these things but the experiences are so real to us that we carry them around as our stories, but these things hold us back. They also keep you back from experiencing the love of the Divine. How can we be reached if we are so focused on “our stories” ? BUT, that is it, they are just our stories. They are not the experience that we think they really are, they are our lessons in life that we wanted to learn, part of the pact we made coming to this life. We do have a purpose. The problem though with this is that the experience did not come to us as we thought it would, but in all fairness would you really accept the growth that comes from the learned experience this way?

Walking around with our stories really serves no purpose. I am sure you can see this now, so why hold on to it? If you watch how you walk around with your body, you will see that you pretty much have attached these experiences to some part of your body. So do you want to go to therapists to uncover what you have within, and that is if you can get to it, or would you like to work through it and release it yourself? The power is in your hands. We have all that we need within ourselves to deal with this.  Let this not be a thing that keeps us away from Divine love.

“So one day I was walking around carrying my stories, only to discover that the stories I carried around were given to me and pushed to me by the ancestors, and family around me. I no longer had to remember them, they were now a part of me. Before I knew it I was acting them out like a script.

One day I hit a wall, and realized that I was willingly making them become my truth. Well one day they did not work, which made me go inward to see just what was my real truth. What I discovered after a long search was that who I was as a small child was exactly and perfectly suited for who I needed to be to do that great gift that I came here to do, and who was there waiting to greet me was the Divine with his unconditional love.”



The Love You Seek Is Yours. Are You Ready For It?

So now let me talk a bit about the body. This is going to take multiple posts for there is much to say here for sure.

For this part I want to talk about messages from the body. Would you believe the body has it’s own voice? Yes the body has it’s own voice and it is definitely going to be heard too. Have you heard that saying, sand, pebbles, rocks, bricks, boulders?  This is how the body gets our attention at first, but I do also know that if we miss these nudges the body will begin to scream at you and from my experience it will grab your attention where you are the strongest. Whatever part of your body is your strength, yes that is how it’s going to get you to listen.There isn’t anything really wrong until you take it further than is necessary and believe it to be something other than. The saying goes, as you believe so shall you see. You know what that means! 

So wonder where those messages are coming from? Your soul carries in it what you came here in this life to learn. I think you read this in my earlier posts. Your soul makes these messages come forth to you through the body. Sometimes we get little pings or pains, sometimes they are feelings within various parts of the body. They could also appear like a deja vu.  Well those are messages the body is trying to get you to question to see what they have to say to you. The hard part is that these messages require us to dig deeply within to figure out what they mean, and if you do this and discover what they are telling you, you will have found a closer connection to the Divine.

You might have many messages but each one you work through will not only bring you closer to the Divine, it will give you greater freedom or space within your own body. After all this is what we came here to do. The talent we have that is ours alone is just the other great gift that we brought here to this life.

You might ask, how do I begin to discover these message of the body. Look or listen carefully to the body when sitting quietly. Then ask within yourself what is this all about, what is this telling me? I assure you, you will get the answers. Besides if you don’t find out, this lesson can become a source of suffering, because you will find that this lesson has a discomfort or vulnerable point in you that must be resolved. Don’t let this scare you from doing the work. The rewards are by far greater then you can imagine, but I won’t tell all of the gifts because you will miss the reward at the end of each one. There is though a lot of love waiting for you.



Are You Looking At The Wrong Part Of The Story! 

I woke up to this message again this morning and that is, Look to the gift in everything, especially when you are facing what appears to be a negative situation.

Everything you receive or experience is a gift from Divine love. It is a wake up call to Divine love.

Everything we attract to us is just this, another chance to see it for what it truly is, Divine love. Those situations that we think are negative, look inside those, those situations, they are chances for us to expand to our higher selves. Instead, for some reason, we get stuck looking at the negative, the hurt rather then wher we are suppose to be going instead. 

So when you see situations in your life that appear to be negative, or maybe they are things that you don’t like to see, know that they are there for your greatest expansion, a gift from the Divine, who is always at your side, believe me. In fact, everything is there for your own good, and it is from the Divine. Look to love and you will see what I mean and you will know Divine love.


Walking a path in life to discover who you really are is like this music. Hear it and see if you get what I mean, please. You will feel the Divine, I am sure.

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Are You Being The Best Of Who You Truly Are?

You have to admit that there is one thing within you that you know how to do from your heart better then anybody else. It is written in your heart already. It is the one great thing you have been carrying within you, but you are trying to find the strength to bring to the table exactly as you see it to be done. Look inside your soul, your heart and soul know exactly how you want it done and the world, believe it or not, is waiting to hear from you. I know this might sound a bit crazy to you but believe it because it is the truth.

It might be that you are acquiring all the pieces that you will need to do your part, your contribution, but know this, the Divine is bringing all the pieces you need to pull it all together for you. In all fairness though, I have to say that we do though know just how to make it all happen.

Some of these things might appear as potential pain pieces, but don’t look at what the world sees as pain, o for that matter do not listen to another persons interpretatopn of what it is you are experiencing. Look instead towards the love it is bringing to you.

You might need to acquire some techniques, or feel it would be best to learn how to do these certain things in order to move forward. Know though that the Divine is aware of how you feel about this and is guiding your steps toward the best possible elements to making this happen for you.

Don’t be afraid of what you might see or experience because in your heart is your strength and power. Yes some people will get in your way to try and stop you from connecting to your heart space, because this is your strength and power and you path to the Divine, but that is often because they can’t see their own or feel like they don’t have what it takes to get there, or whatever reason they are pulling up in their heads, but they have it to and they have to find it within themselves to make it happen too. I do though know that the help they seek has to come from within themselves not from you. It won’t work any other way. The Divine is looking for it from you because the greatest gifts come through your journey to.



Do You Really Chose The Illusion?

The Divine thought of every little piece of you coming to this life, from what you will be made of via your look down to how many hairs are on your head. He knew what you came here to do, as in your gift, down to the experiences you need to understand. He knew what you were going to struggle with and just how long you were going to need to get a handle on the experience, and when he felt you got what was needed, he removed the situation, the illusion.

Look at your family and see the personalities of each character, then ask yourself what is it about each one that connects perfectly with what you struggle with. Why do you suppose that is? Look at the people and experiences that you have come through, then ask yourself again that same question of what is it about this person that sort of bothers me. Again you will get your answer and once you get it, you will release it. It will no longer be a bother to you. This is love, and this is the beauty of a life in the space of real love, the hand of the Divine.

Now ask yourself, how many other experiences that I have walked through, have struck a chord with me. If they hurt you, it is because you have held on to the illusion too long, because really they are all illusions I assure you. If you were lucky enough to walk through without a sting, then you have done your part. Hopefully you have not hurt anyone along the way of that experience because it will come back to bite a little later and you will be on the other side of things, but if you did it right you will learn what you came in this life to learn. Just remember though that you have a gift to share with the world and it is one that is needed, wanted, and one that will please all. Don;t give up on your journey, even if you feel like you took too much time in the illusion, there is no such thing as took too much time, for as long as you have another tomorrow, you have a now to wake up to your divine strength and power.

All of your traits and experiences are what you need to fulfill your desires. We came here with only the notion of what we desired to accomplish, the rest was left to the universe. This is the design of the Divine of how it was all going to happen and you knew this coming in to this life. So keep your heart open to the Divine and trust that what is is perfectly planned for you will happen., you just have to move along to find your pieces. Sure we can’t see it nor  understand it at the moment, but it will all be revealed to you and it is all from the love of the Divine. The problem is we get tangled up in the love and we forget what it really is, but know that you are not alone and you will see the hand of the Divine come to guide you along if you just look.



Are You Ready To Wake Up To You?

We are all incredible people who came here to do great things. I see this when I sit with you to paint portraits. I connect with your soul and what comes up to me is the goodness that is within you, but moving around in life we see and experience things that are triggers to past painful events which we hold within. This pain sits right around the heart, but it isn’t really pain as our memory holds it, we just see it that way. If we could just sit with it for the moment that it arises, we would begin to understand it, and the light that is shed to us from this experience will show us the great love that it truly is.  It is a gift just to be able to have this come up to us because it is a second chance to gain understanding and see it as the love it really is, but we get so tangled up in this that we begin to see it in the wrong way.

You see life is here to teach various things, but we don’t like the way we are taught these things. I myself prefer things to be taught to me in a softer approach, but that does not always happen. Oh but believe me I fuss!  So you can understand that it is more how we feel about the lessons. But let me be clear here, the lessons I am talking about are the lessons that are brought up from living life, not when someone tries to specifically teach you a lesson. This is their pain from within of how they feel about their life lessons and this we must try to steer clear of, for their pain only becomes another thing we have to walk through and release. The more pain you hold within, the more work you must do to walk freely in the space of love and freedom.

Loving freedom is what we feel from birth and it is our natural state. The Divine then works with you to see just how great you are, and how do you think he does this, with all the love in his kind heart. If you connect to your soul yourself you will remember just how much love the Divine truly is.

Do this for a moment if you will, sit in a quiet space and sit as long as it takes to not have a single thought come up to your mind. This might take a bit of time but if you can do this you can actually listen to the subtle sounds of the Divine guiding you through your experiences just to see that these past pains that we hold within, are not pain at all but simply pure love.

The Divine is a gentle loving soul and he only wants you to experience his love just as he meant it when he gave it to you. His love is everywhere, and it is all that you need in this life.



No Greater Love Can Be Found Than What’s Inside You. Do You Agree?

We often have signs that show up within the body, and they are usually things we are struggling with.

For example , maybe you notice that your hip hurts today, or your your left leg is walking with restriction.  It could be your arm, your hand or any part of your anatomy. When the problem persists we tend to run to the doctor thinking that he or she will fix it or solve the problem. Yes in some cases the situation does get to that point, but  if you just sit with the feeling,  provided this is not something that has been going on for some length of time, and then ask yourself the questions , “what  is this about, what is this trying to teach me about myself” because surely it is something to learn about  yourself. You will get a very pointed and revealing answer.  It is usually something to help you see something you want that you think you don’t have already among other things perhaps like believing something that you are thinking due to thinking in the state of fear. 

These messages are there for you to discover just how great you truly are already though. There is no lack of anything when it comes to love and loving yourself. You already have what you need, if you just look within. Not only do you have that but you will see that you have EVERYTHING that you need. Just trust, or at least look deeply. 

The messages you receive within yourselves are of love and they are from the Divine. The Divine is telling you something that you need to know about yourself to bring you to a higher level of yourself, and to your greatest good.

I will leave you with this saying that I always tell my closest friends. The messages we receive go like this, sand, pebble, rock. boulder, BRICK! How do you want it and which one is going to get you to wake up to the message.

So let’s try this, if you would,  walk around  with the me in mind. That is, you in mind only, and see what the messages are for you that are coming through.  You will get it. Do this and you will learn to love the all of yourself and get to know the love that the Divine is giving to you daily. Yes it might take you some practice to see the messages, but just think how much closer you will be to something truly wonderful.



If Frequency is All Of This, Why Don’t I Do This More Often

As we walk around in life, the way we feel has everything to do with what we experience daily.. If we feel happy, it carries a certain frequency, if we feel sad or angry, it also carries a frequency. Happy, sad, thankful or gratitude, worried, concerned, anxiety, fear, they all have a frequency. Ever hear people say to you, if you don’t like the way things are working for you, think about someone you like and the mood shift will bring you a different outcome. Well they are right.

Every day we walk around is another chance to change things around for the good, but first we must start with how we are feeling each moment. Yes we can be triggered by various incidents that occur daily, or even hourly, but we can also catch ourselves, pause, and then turn it around just by the very thoughts we are caring or as it should be said, the frequency we are exuding.

Your frequency can be detected by the people around you, and this can give you a positive experience. Yes sometimes people have pain inside themselves and don’t respond well to your good feelings, but don’t let that touch you. Each thought or each feeling has a frequency and if we become aware of our thoughts at every moment, we can affect our outcomes or our experiences daily. Want a simple test? Remember how your experience feels when you start the day with a smile and a welcoming greeting to the people you see? People respond pretty positively when you do this, and even if you encounter someone who is having a rough start or bad day, watch things change for them and you.  Here is another even simpler test, play some music you love or feel really good about, and watch the feelings that arise from the thoughts you begin to hold from this experience. Guaranteed, you will feel the loving feeling. No matter what response you get from another person, hold the frequency you feel from your own pleasant thought and feel the difference in your body. Your body loves these frequencies. In fact you can effect the inside of your own body with these small changes.

There is one thing I want to point out that will assist you greatly in this kind of experience. If you can detach from anyone’s responses or a person for that matter, you will have much better harmony over your daily life. Now I don’t mean to not be responsive or loving and kind to anyone, I just mean to pull back from your anticipated outcomes, because It is our expected outcomes that cause us suffering, so try detaching from this first, and then give it a try. A pleasant gesture makes a big difference in a person’s life, yours and …  The love you feel from this will be a gift that will bring your frequency closer to the Divine, a much loving place to be.



Dont We Really Want The Gift, And The Allowing That Comes With It?

The path of love is filled with accepting and allowing what is, to be able to rise to your higher good.  It is your path, not the same path as anyone else you might know or not, but it is yours alone.

You will know your path by what things resonate with you, the feeling of things good and bad, and what feels right for you. Now I am not saying that these choices we make are ours to keep, but I am saying they put us in curious mode. The mode that enables us to walk right in, to discover things about it.  How else will we walk in to experience what is meant for us to know if we are not curious about the all of it.  Kind of scary when you think about it but a bit intriguing to say the least. But in order to walk through these experiences we must,  1) feel comfortable with ourselves, and   2) know who we are. down to our very core.

The way we know who we are or the things that make us all of who we are, down to our look, why we are as we are from childhood on up and what lives in our hearts, this is what makes us tick and is important to what we came here to do and what we will need to make it through this great journey of the soul. The bumps, the dings, the wrinkles, the detours, were set along the way for us to be able to experience ourselves and know who we are and what we do best from the heart. The experiences of our decisions are all part of it too. The choices we make, the skills we pick up, intentionally and unintentionally are all necessary, believe me.

In order to walk this journey of the soul requires us to remain fluid through the experiences. Not an easy thing to do given what we will need to learn along the way, but a necessary attribute to hold on to, and not to take so much feelings about these experiences to the heart. It is not necessary to hold on to how we feel about these experiences and they will only delay your end goal, should we make it there.  Isn’t this what we came to life to do other than to know the Divine? The Divine is the one who walks with you and provides all the love and gifts of guidance along the way. But when we sort of stop and go for the illusion, we become bothered by what we feel about how and what the illusion did not measure up to,  our thoughts, or it did not turn out like we wanted. Know that we must still find the strength to go on. Often times most of us stop there and can not go on because of how we feel about the experience, but you MUST keep going. I would say that a lot of people hold on to the pain and suffering, or cling to the past or the familiar, but you can’t get there holding on to this. One other thing that we as people do, we blame the Divine for what we have experienced, but how is that his?  Or for that matter, why do we blame him for not rescuing us? Is it because he knows the end resolution already but does not stop us? Remember the end goal has the great gift.

So allow things to be as they are, leaving them untouched by you and accept what truly is, because you can not change it, nor should you even try to. The Divine knows what is to be and will be on every little element, and he is hoping that you, just as you are, will make it through to your gifts, that are already waiting for you to receive.  So what are we waiting for?  Walk the path, seek yourself, and receive the unconditional love that is here for you, and then receive your highest gift from the Divine.



Those Tricky Little Emotions. Shoul We Dare?

Emotions are a tricky thing. They are feelings or how we feel about something we are seeing or experiencing.at the moment. Often it is tied to an event we experienced before, sort of unfinished business, if you think about it. The problem is, we experienced something and we didn’t like the way it made us feel, and that is, it did not show up to us as something that should have happened a certain way. That is rigid thinking and it is the very thing that robs us of life, the life with the Divine that is. We are suppose to remain fluid like water if we want to continue to move about life and receive all of it’s gifts.

Life has a great deal of gifts to offer us. If we could only see what it is doing for us, what it is offering us in the way of unconditional love. That is really all it is, but we choose to look at the pain side instead of the love that it is from the Divine. Ask yourselves why is it that you see it as pain. Hopefully you will get the answer and then turn things around toward the right way to see and live. Yet we listen to others of how they feel and see an experience and before you know it we are in the wrong side of living life. The Divine always offers us a chance out of this too, but we see this also as more pain, hence suffering.

Why do you think that the Divine offers us this love? Can you just ask yourself this, within yourself. There is so, so much love there, if w could just tap into it, we would know this. Yet the people who look at pain, and pain because they have, in their mind, experienced pain in similar circumstances, make us think that these experiences are just this. NOT TRUE! Not true at all. The Divine never offers anything BUT love. If we think we are experiencing pain, it is how we are choosing to see it, but this is not it at all.  BUT, what happens is that the experiences we encounter are another chance for us to see and know that it is really love letting you re-look at the experience. However, once again our emotions get in the way along with our body which holds the memory of the experience.

Remember, our emotions are how we feel about a particular experience. Emotions are tied to our past feelings. That is why we feel as we do about an event. We remember how those experiences made us feel and we don’t like it one bit. That is if it is a “bad feeling or a sting”.  So first change the way you feel about it, then try to gain understanding about the event. Then up rises compassion about the experience and before you know it, you will see what it is really offering you. How can you not accept the unconditional love it is offering you? I won’t say that it happens immediately, nor will I say that you will not receive triggers of it, or tests to see if we are truly through the experience, but it WILL happen, I assure you. So go for the love, then you will know what I know to be true from the heart.

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Have You Really Gone Far Enough With This Information?

As I work with people and their portraits, not only do I see the colors of your frequency/vibration and the colors that appear to be your makeup from your ancestral line, I can see what thoughts are so preeminent in your mind at the time I connect to you fully.

I could do a portrait 5 times or more and in each setting you will bring with you what is so important for you to address, but it is time to heal this area of your life. It is holding you back from the greatest you that can be. I love painting people, and it is what I have always loved but I almost got to the point where I saw nothing but pain and sorrow. In other words, people let this part of them take on too much importance. It s there for you to see, face, understand, heal and release. And I hate to say it but the female side has a great deal of the pain and suffering within themselves. But I would like for you to ask the question, “what is in there for me that I need to address”?  Surely there is something there and surely it needs to be addressed and released.

This pain I speak of, although it is on the feminine side, it hits both man and woman, because although it is directed towards women in the world, it also comes from women, the mother. The mother does not mean to do this but it too is just coming out from within. So you can see how, if you do not bring forth what is within, what is within will destroy you, works and it keeps traveling down the lines and across to others, and it just keeps reaching out like the branches of a tree and then a grove.

But where is it going to end? When are we going to begin to do the necessary healing? It really is coming from a loving space, it’s just how we are looking at it that makes it pain and suffering for ourselves. Why not see it for what it is at it’s very core, walk through it, and then release it? It really is for you to come to a space of loving, loving all that is. It was not designed for you to take it as pain and then pass it on. It was meant for you to recognize it for what it is and release it, healing through the process. Can you see how, if we all did this, how we would all become, and come to the true surface and live a full and loving life?

Why not start here, right here where you are now? There is more to gain then the pain that it appears as. If you can’t get what I mean here, you haven’t gone far enough with it. Keep going, is what the great teachers say in this instance, keep going.



Do You Want These Messages Of Love?

Finally the coast is clear. The intrusions to the web site are back at bay right now, so let’s begin again.

`Messages of the uni-verse. As we walk around attending to our life, our lessons we carry within us, our souls that know when we are to encounter one, let us look at what the messages are from the uni-verse that are before us to  work through.

Life holds for us, from the space of love, what we most need to see, hear, learn, feel, and come to a place of compassion on, and these are what I pick up when I draw or paint portraits. I try my best to get beyond this as I do my work on your image but your messages are so strong within you that this is all I can bring forth on your images. So when someone sits before me to have a painting or drawing done, I see you, you will look and sit in a certain way, but all I get so strongly is what you are holding on to that you most need to see as it is and heal from. The portrait will look exactly like you but you will have a look that I can clearly see is not the look of how you sit before me. I try my best to get around this, recognizing that my work is off a bit, and I try to correct this for several sittings, but when I surrender to what I can not change, the sitter validates what I have done in an almost startling way, wondering how I knew this. It will be an exact image of you but one with inner thoughts. So I tell my sitters to come with a clear and good feeling within, but what I want to say here is, do your life work, recognizing that it is the gift you wanted to receive in this lifetime.

The uni-verse has some of your clues of what you truly need to see to release this. So trust that what you are seeing and should pay attention to, is really that what you see, the message you need to work through, the beliefs inside. It all comes from love, and it takes a bit of maneuvering to make it all come to your awareness for you, but you have to trust that it is all happening for you and your greater good, and from the gift of the love the Divine has for you.

We walk around in life doing many different things, daily, but there is more to life then what everyone tries to make you see. People do not mean to turn you in the direction that they do, it is there reality within themselves that they are or should work through.  They just can not help what is their own reality. They think and need to work out their own work themselves. If we are doing our own life, tending to our own life, we would not encounter their lessons, which for us become our pain when we take the detour, we would not add to our own suffering in this lifetime. If we could do our own work, and recognize the love that is bringing it to us. We would have the most incredible and amazing life ourself.

Saying all this, one might think would put me out of work, but this is not true at all, for there are many lessons, and many messages, so we might as well just start in. It is the gift of love from the Divine, who loves you unconditionally that makes the way for you. So jump in and recognize yourself, and bring the love you receive to the world through you, forward.

The messages of (sorry this message got taken away when my host had to roll back my web site to get my site back up. Hackers took down my site several times, so I was not able to update but let’s try again)



Meditation, The Best Remedy Or Can We Just Sit Still Quietly?

So try this one, I noticed that you can meditate to see what life is teaching you, telling you, just observe in the meditation, as we should do, and if you are quiet enough while sitting still, you will get the answers or information you seek. Observe every thought and everything you are feeling from those thoughts, and then get to the reason for those feelings AND thoughts, and you will get your answers. This is what I observe in my portraits while I am capturing the character, but I then need to decide at which point TO capture the person. This of course means I am capturing you in your thought and feeling. I realize that this can not be helped, but know too that I get what you wear from within, and that I am the messenger. People come and look at the person I have captured and then think about what they were thinking in that moment or wonder how I knew this. I can not help this but if I let you know before I capture you, you will try to work through this before you come to sit.

Emotions are how we feel about something, generally the thought we are thinking. Often times we can feel our emotions somewhere in the body, and this is our clue that we are feeling something about a particular thought we are having, but check in your heart if this thought is really true or is this how we are seeing it at the moment. AND now I will say like a spiritual person says to us in this moment, “now turn it around”, because surely there is more to this thought that we are not seeing from the heart. We are really all just tangled up in universal love.


What Is It About This Body Of Mine? What Are You Trying To Get Me To See And Understand?

The body is truly a very wonderful device. It really is, and it is your best friend, really.

We take for granted the body, not giving it the true value that it deserves, but it has much for you and so much to teach you. Yet we treat it like a sort of car, but it has EVERYTHING you need, all your good and all the life lessons that you came here to learn, understand, grow from, and walk through to be the complete and loving you.

Our bodies have messages for us and you can begin to discover this by looking at the way you utilize it. There is a reason for every part of you and why you operate the body the way you do. We really should ask the questions of why we do and think the way we do because the messages we hold within are projecting out from us, and this is really all we see. Yes we view the messages as things that have been done to us unfairly, but this is not true.

I, as the artist pick up some of these when I paint your full portrait, but it would be only one of your messages. The rest is all yours. So what are we waiting for?  There is so much for us to do, and it is not what we have been focused on. Shall we begin now?!



Am I Afraid To See Wha I’m Holding On To?

As we walk around in this life we are in, have we ever asked the question, “what are we afraid of?” We walk around holding on to and hiding from what we are afraid of, but what if we were to ask the question, what am I afraid to face and then what if we got the answer from within ourselves. Would we, first of all, trust ourselves to know that we did really get the answer? What would we do with the information?

Our inner messages are giving us hints to this information, and I believe it is doing it in a kind way. It seems like we as individuals are projecting those fears outside ourselves, so what we are truly seeing never really reaches our eyes and heart because all we are really seeing is what we fear. AND so we run, but what if we just stood still at those moments. What would happen, really? Well I guess life would be different for me as an artist who paints those inner feelings, or I guess I would see a lot of pleasant feelings in the way you carried yourselves, but I am willing to take the risk that life would be so good for us and so interesting if we could only start. So let’s ask the question, what AM I afraid of?

It is my experience that we are afraid of … Well I won’t tell but I think it would be called the big, bad wolf.



Isnt It All Just To Get You to See, Understand, Know, and Gain Compassion?


Okay let’s try this again. I was attacked again and although the site did not go down, I needed to wait before I updated the site again. So here we go again.

Did you know that the things you desire sit right before you? Now granted you could actually recognize them if you were to work through your life lessons, what you came to this life of yours to learn, and see that they are never as they seemed. Yet we see these things as something that we should fear, be leery of or run away from, but what if we turned around and just faced them? How bad would it really be? Now I am not saying to face a really bad circumstance without being wise, but I am saying that if you could sit with some of the circumstances, one by one, you would see that they are not really as they seem. This situation coming to you is love giving you another chance to look over how you felt about it. When you do this, that is face these things head one, the just disappear.

Remember, everything is love seeking the space to come more in to you because that is all it wants from you. It is unconditional love at it’s very best.

I am trying just a tiny message here to see if I can understand what the web site attack is about.



So What Am I Noticing Right Now?

Let me talk a bit about awareness here. While I am working on a portrait, I can not help but talk about our awareness. Have we ever thought about the fact that things do not come in to our existence if we are not exposed to some aspect of some things in the first place. Remember when we were children and life just flowed. We were not exposed to real pain. That is the pain from people. Sure we had things that other children did that we did not like, but notice how as one gets older the pains become more alive or intense? As we walk around we encounter other people, and it is really the pain we experience from people that tugs on us. These pains are really projections of things they see which are being projected from within. They are really meant to assist the person they are projected from but it is hard to know this. This is really love helping us get to the highest good that we can possibly be. We have to be able to see it though, so we MUST do our work of freeing ourselves, not throwing pain on other people. Sure we don’t want to see it, but the more you resist it, the more you will have to deal with.

You know that word I started with, awareness? Well we become aware of pains from other people throwing it around because they don’t want it themselves. I get it, who wants pain anyway? Well we become aware by those very experiences from other people, but we don’t see or feel everything from everybody, just what is meant to assist us.

So when we get a jolt of a painful experience from someone else, there is a reason for it. We just need to ask the questions, what is this about or why am I feeling as I feel right now. Then take the information and work with it to release it from yourself. This experience will bring you closer to Divine love and will surely get you closer to your higher self, but don’t just take my word for it.



What You See Depends On Where You Stand. Wouldn’t You Agree?

Are we standing in a clear space? Are we really seeing what is real or are we seeing what we want to see? Seeing what we want to see is how we tumble in to the illusions that make us unhappy. Why? because we are hungry for something that we think we don’t already have within ourselves. We do have all that we need, we just have to turn towards ourselves to see the all that we possess already.

A lot of people start with the practice of yoga, but let’s talk about the practice of yoga. Yoga, as we look at it to,as v  day, is what we do to to calm the mind and stretch the body out so that we can be at peace, but then to go back to who we have been throughout the day, how can we do what is right for us as the individual when we are bombarded with everyone else’s, fill in the blank.

Yoga is when we are to bring in to union the mind body and spirit, which should bring us to a peaceful place. As within, so without, right? Well did you know that you can tune in to the body with things you do for the body when it is in tension or pain or simply can not operate as you desire it to. We are taught poses and the right way to do things but this makes us tune in to the pose and doing it right but not really in to ourself. Do you know that we can start the practice of tuning in to ourself by first looking at what part of the body has pain or tension, then doing what we can do to exercise it in a stretch, then ask the questions of what is this part of the body trying to tell me. Not only will you stretch this part out, you will get in to the moment, and get the answers you need to hear to heal yourself from the pain held about an experience that we are holding in our body. We look at healing from the doctors perspective but there are things that we need to do for ourselves to heal from within, and THIS is the healing we need to be closer to real love, the love that the Divine intends for you. See what I mean, please.




Do You Really Want To Give YourHeart to Someone?

Remember, nothing happens without a purpose from the heart. That is the heart from you, for you, and in you. The heart has the truth and it gives to you unconditionally. You only need to see the heart that is yours and for you, and then you just need to trust it, because it is right for YOU, and it sits close to the Divine. Now let’s be clear here, the heart I speak of is the heart of your body, not the heart we tend to give away to someone. I am not sure I understood why we give away that which holds the keys to life for us. Being in the space of love is right, giving away the key, now that poses a question. Why don’t we try letting the heart unfold slowly, like the path of a flower. Just try this and see what I mean, please.



January 30

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Let me talk about the body’s messages again, and let me show this by observing how someone outside of yourself walks around with body messages, which are for the person who is experiencing them,and what should be paid attention to. Observe if you will, a person, hopefully a total stranger, how a person uses their body. Some parts of operation are smooth, or fairly smooth, some are restricted, some are over emphasized, but something is quite noticeable to the human eye. These messages are intended for the person who is experiencing them, and they have meaning to this person as well. Those are the internal messages from the soul. helping you to learn more about yourself, which is part of your life lessons.

These clues serve several purposes. They are here to teach us something about ourselves and they are often clues to the gifts we have as well. They are clues from our friend, the body, but in order to see and know what they mean, one has to tune in to the inner self, which should bring you to that inner dimension of yourself, and also show you where your life, and I really mean your life, really is. That is where we should be putting our attention, not someone else’s life or pain.

We often get distracted by seeing people in pain and saying well I’m not doing to badly, or they are doing worse then I am, so not bad, but if we keep doing this sort of thing, how are we ever going to get to our own true life? Our own life has all that we need and all of the clues to being the better you, so why not observe your own body for the clues. Now I am not saying this is an easy exercise, but I am saying to sit with it for as long as it takes to figure it out. We have nothing to loose here and besides, those clues will keep coming back until you get it. This by the way is your gift of unconditional love from the Divine, here to love and assist you. So accept the love from the Divine and it will continue to return and show you all you need and desire to know. I see this in my models and I see this in my own body, so I know this to be true. So what are we waiting for?

February 3

Unconditional love
It is said that human beings are built to seek out love. I believe we are and always seek to find love when we can, but along the way of looking for love is where and when we get stung. We seek it from everyone from our parents to a partner and to our children, but what I have discovered is that everyone has a different definition for love. So on that note how can anyone know what love really is?

The experiences we have, although they can sometimes appear to have hurt in them, if you really analyze those experiences you will see that indeed they are love, but it is love trying to get you to your place in life that will give you the complete and unconditional love that we truly want.

We seek love from a partner, and we constantly seek love from every partner that we are attracted to, but the love we need and desire comes from the Divine, which is unconditional love. Oh yes it is given to you, but you have to look at life a different way. Look from within, listen from within, there within you is everything you need to guide you to what is rightfully yours and your path to unconditional love, the love of the Divine. Sure it might be a long journey to get to the Divine’s love but the key is to seek it, because in that process you will find true you and the Divine who has always been there waiting for you.

I look at my models, and I see what they struggle with, but I can’t help but wonder why we don’t go to our path of our hearts. I would certainly see people in the moment and much happier people. I can’t help but see this because my paintings take multiple sessions to complete. So why not take the steps towards unconditional love? These steps have everything we need, and each path is different, but don’t be afraid to go YOUR way. I know the world will make you think that your path is not the right one, and that is because some are afraid to try, some are worried that they might not understand the correct way, but if you just seek your path and you take the wrong turn it will feel not right or it won’t work for you, but just turn and try again. You will find yours for sure.

You see most people are all tangled up in love, and yes the wrong path does sting a bit. How else can it get your attention to tell you, not that way, but keep looking and you will find yours. We have the time as long as we are going towards the unconditional love. Instead of throwing the pain that you feel you have received from taking the wrong turn, just turn until you find yours. Don’t waste your time on how you feel about your perhaps wrong choice, just keep going until you get there, the path of unconditional love, the path to Divine love.

February 15

I want to talk a bit about pain. We walk around with pains inside of us from experiences we have had and trusted to be right for us. Yes those experiences came in to our awareness because, as someone else has stated, what we are hungry for or think we are lacking, but we have everything we need already inside of us. We only need to discover this. What we see is illusions of what we think it is but those illusions serve a purpose believe it or not. Yes, they can certainly be painful, but those experiences, when we wake up from the illusion, are there to teach us more about ourselves. We just have to do the work by looking in to ourselves further, and asking ourselves the right questions.

Instead, people walk around with pain, and they want it so bad off of themselves, or want to see how someone else deals with it, or dislike what they think is of themselves that they push it on to some unknowing participant. If we could just reflect and ask why is it that we are feeling what and why we are feeling at that moment, we could begin to heal and become more of who we were intended to be. When and if we can do this, it brings us much closer to Divine love of ourselves and the Divine.

The Divine is so full of love to share with all and has been doing so always, if we could only open our eyes to what is actually real. My models and the people I paint, including myself, are constantly walking around with signs within the body of this, and I must say that when I study what I have painted, is revealed. So why not continue to shed the feelings. If we can do this, we will know Divine love.

Here is an example of an issues on my own body: I am painting a self-portrait in full body view, and noticed that I have painted myself with my right arm hugging closely to my body, as if I needed to nurture the side that hold masculine issues. Yes, this was right, I had a masculine issues that I need to solve, understand, and walk through. I did not realize this until I saw my self-portrait almost completed. Of course I will not change this, I will just name it what appears in plain sight, but even the artist has work to day.

February 20

Did you ever think about life from being a baby, to childhood, to young adult? We come here whole and intact and perfectly aligned and suited with all that we need to be who were intended to be, only to be pushed and shoved in to life of the world of the minds of how others have seen and experienced it. Yet who we are is already perfect as it is. So why do we seek to change everything? Yes we get molded by other’s thoughts and feelings of what they think it is, but we then have to spend many years figuring out who we are internally and why we are as we are from within. This, it appears, is where all the pain and suffering come in. We could spend a lifetime trying to shed those layers, or we could look inside and begin to do the work right here, right now. It is not too late at any point you begin. This is our gift in this life, it appears, the silver lining! Life and love of the Divine’s intent.
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February 27

I read this message and wanted to comment further. “Adaptation implies that people aren’t eagerly going forward, they’re merely tolerating what gets thrown at them.”
My first thought was of how this applied to me from my childhood, but then I realize that this applies to almost everyone. We all try our best to do the thing that we love to do, but life has a way of chipping away at the things we hold dear to us, not realizing that this is what’s happening. We don’t mean to let go of our idea of being the best we can be at the very one thing that brings us joy and makes us so complete, but life happens when you are trying to live. It is right to live your life of course because there really are pieces that you need to make YOUR picture complete for what you desire to do, but also, in order to do the thing you love you have to understand just who you are from the inside.

AND as I paint people, doing it the way I do, picking up your most inner thought that dominates you at that moment, the thought that I pick up is perhaps a thought needed for you to think about and ask the question, what is this about, so that you can move along. I say move along because this is only the thought at that moment of capture. So instead of taking in the action that caused us to freeze in the first place, and I do mean that we tend to freeze at whatever age it is we froze at because it was somehow to dramatic for us to walk through, shouldn’t we see what the action is all about and what it came to teach us about ourself? It could just be something we need to do the one thing we always wanted to do. Just think. We would be that much closer to who we are and experience the love of what we came to this life to do. Why adapt to what life is serving up? Why not go deeper and find out more about your true self? There is much more to you if you allow it to be as it is intended to serve up to you. We have to just trust a bit more. This gift that it truly is, is intended for YOU, and it comes from Divine love, the real unconditional love.

And so here I want to give thanks to the body. for helping me see and understand just what these messages have been trying to teach me and to share with others all along.

March 10

We all use the body like a car, expecting it to keep going so long as we somewhat adhere to what we have heard is the way to taking care of yourself and be a better and healthy person. Then there is also the if we go to the doctor regularly, we can prevent certain things. Yes we should take care of ourself, but we should learn to trust our inner knowledge early in life, for there are clues in every one of us to have a great and prosperous life. We tend to take advantage of our bodies, ignoring the subtle clues that the body is trying to give us about ourself and what we need to do to heal both inner and outer self. But we have an emotional side of ourselves that needs just as much if not more, healing to have a rich life.

The emotional clues in the body that we wear on the outside, are how we feel about particular events that have happened in and around our lives. You can recognize them by how we use and carry our bodies. These emotional traumas, I shall call them, are where we need to heal something within ourself. This is a good thing, if we can do it completely. AND the way to do this is to start by looking at ourself in silence and asking the question of why we are doing whatever, sitting with whatever it is, and then gaining the understanding as to why it happened and what it is here to teach us. Once we do this, we should come to a place of peace with it or the person/people involved, and gain the compassion needed to heal this space within ourself. When you do this, you will release this way of moving through life, and begin to enjoy a more complete life.

Did you know that every experience we have, that we don’t like how it came to us, gets written in the body? It does and we then have to find a way to release this. Means that we need to be careful of what we bring ourselves through. We take for granted a lot of things that we think we need to go through. We really can’t help it. Life here has told us that we need to do …, fill in the blank, but is it all really true? Ask yourself this question in quiet meditation.

March 15

Do you know what I think is the hardest part of working with the body, I believe it is trusting that the body is doing what it is doing for a reason. I think this might be because we think the body should be operating a certain way because someone made us feel that the other way is the correct norm. BUT, the correct way is the way each of our bodies is working for us. Each body brings forth what that individual needs to see and to heal itself. AND, what we need to learn about ourselves and to heal, comes from our soul. So the soul knows what you need to learn, and brings it forward to the body. The body then has the job of taking you to it and through the lessons. When we do our part we come to a place of understanding of ourself and the situation, and we release all thoughts, negative and positive, and come to a place of compassion with it, and are then free to walk through it, thereby letting go of it.

A lot of us cam get to a great deal of this, but a lot of us try to control things, feeling like it is a bit much to go through, but this just slows down the intended process, hence the releasing. If we can trust more which is hard to do, we can catch up to where the whole us and all of our gifts reside, waiting for us. I know we have heard this perhaps many times before, but it is true, we just have to go through and do the work. Remember who is there waiting to show the true unconditional love that has always been there. I have seen this in myself and I have seen this in my models.

March 23

What we see as pain
You know there are at least two sides of every story, every vision, We see our experiences, and some times we don’t like what we see, or should I say think that the experience is something unpleasant, but remember there are two sides. Yes we don’t like to think that it could be something for us, but it is. The experiences that we encounter are perfectly designed to teach us the lessons that we most need to learn. AND, if by any chance an experience comes to us that should not, do you know that the hand of the Divine turns it in to the greats gift you so desire. Sure it might not look like it when it happens, and it might take some time to come around to receive your gift, but hang on because it is truly there, I assure you.

There are also those times when we feel like we have been done a bad deed and we seek to teach the person a lesson, but that will come back to you. So be careful there not to do that, but just hang on, because it is already set up for your greatest good, for sure.

We look at situations and tend to focus on the pain of the experience. It is hard not to see things any other way, but if we can just turn ourselves toward what we want in the experience, we will see that what is really there for us is the thing that we desire. You have heard this before, our gifts are already there, we just have to get in alignment with it. This happens all the time, yet we don’t see that what we wanted has been given to us.This is the law of life. We just keep looking at the wrong side of things and this makes us unhappy, but the hand of the Divine is actually giving you love and he only wants you to see it. That is it and that is unconditional love. This experience, if we can see it the right way, enables us to create our passionate gift,must don’t forget to enjoy the journey along the way, the one gift that he is counting on us to do and share with the world which comes from the heart. AND so I will leave this on this note, do not see the pain.

April 6

The mind. The mind is filled with illusions. I won’t say that our every thought is illusions but certainly we experience this a great deal. I see this in the people who sit for me. How do I know this, because I see my sitters go in and out of reactions to thoughts over the time they pose for me. Those illusions are what we think or feel we have experienced but those experiences are how life serves up our lessons, the things we came to learn what they were really intended for us to see through and as it was really.

In life we receive many experiences and although we might not like the way that they come to us, if you analyze it, you will see that you learned something deeply and thoroughly. This thing or gift that you learned is freeing, you will see if you analyze it. So instead of looking at what the mind thinks it has experienced, look further and you will discover the gift.

Life gives us many chances to learn what the gifts truly are, and it does this by triggering the event as we thought of it, but this was intended for us to look at it again. For an example, have you ever experienced adverse experiences, experiences that will make you think that life isn’t fair or that appear that your life is harder than others? Well those adverse gifts have really pushed you to be greater then you thought you could have been just by pushing you to do somethings you might not have wanted to do or that were there to make you actually stronger to surpass something that would have been in your way of doing the great gift you have within. Analyze this adverse experiences and ask yourself, was it really as I saw it or did I actually benefit from it.

You see the mind thought of this experience one way, but it really was there to serve us what we needed, to be the great person we truly are from within. This is your gift from the Divine. Namaste

April 15

Have you ever thought about this? We all came in this life we are in, to do our work, to learn the truth of our life lessons, and these life lessons are within us. In other words we walk around with all this information inside of us that pertains to what we most need to know, the truth of our beliefs. These truths are freeing AND healing to us, and they allow us to live the life that the Divine intended for us from the start, which is greater than we could ever imagine for ourselves, but we stumble around trying to figure it all out, all the while walking through our own feelings and beliefs of what we think things are and what we should see to be happy and whole. But think about this for a moment, those messages come through from our souls and they are projected through to the body, but that is it, it is all projection of our beliefs. We all are walking around with our beliefs projecting forward. If this is the case, why do we get mad, hurt and bothered when we believe someone else’s illusion or projection? Aren’t they just trying to figure it all out too? We hold people accountable for the things we think they have done to us but this is just because we have fallen in to THEIR illusion. So who really did this thing to us? Why don’t we just say, oh excuse me, like we bumped in to someone because we were not watching where we were going? I think maybe the thing we need is to be kinder to one another. Perhaps our personalities get the better of us. No doubt we have built these personalities due to what we believe, but it would seem like a bit more time and focus might allow us to change some of those traits.

Sometimes my portrait sitters come in to the studio distracted by whatever they are working through, and this is the image they hold for me. I can only ask for my sitters to come to the studio in a pretty good mood, because I never know when I will begin to pick up and paint their personality, but I see we at times walk around in a not awake state and presto, there it is in my painting like a freeze in time. When they see what I have captured I hear them say, how can she know what I was thinking, but I can not help what we are carrying.

So if we are all doing this, isn’t life all pretty much a multitude of projections? I think we need to ask ourselves, so what am I projecting? Wouldn’t it be nice to get to the truth and then see life as the Divine intended for us to see?

May 1

Messages of the body: Do you know that the body has messages to teach us all? And did you know that the body has it’s own voice? Well it does indeed, and we need to pay attention. The body tells us and helps us learn all that we need to hear to move around freely in this world and accept all the good that is intended for us.

The body has a lot to say and it attempts to tell us all the time, but the problem is we don’t fully accept this, and so we take for granted the body’s functions. Yet the body is our friend and it is here to assist us in becoming that whole person we are suppose to be. If we could only spend the time understanding our body we could have a very rich life. A life that is happy, healthy and whole.

The body gives us via feelings what we need to hear. So why do we wait until we are in crisis mode? We don’t understand, but other people can see these signs in our body, because we wear it on the outside. Do why not rise to the occasion and heal yourself? Yes the tiny voice of the body is subtle but that should make us focus on the internal side of ourself and what is really important to us. After all you have the time, and you you are here with your body which we rely on anyway. So let’s make the most of this life and listen to the body and give it what it wants. Now I am not talking about cravings or addictions, I am talking about life experiences and taking care of body needs. Here is an example, I was walking around near a person and my body was going through all sorts of changes trying to get my attention. i asked myself, why is my body operating like this? What are you trying to tell em. Then I got the answer by figuring things out. I discovered that my body did not like what it detected about the person I was around. I am sure we all have had experiences like this. Well this is an example of how the body speaks to us. It is just that subtle, and if you haven’t experienced this yet try getting this message from your body and ignoring it. It stings! So let’s try figuring out the body. You will be pleased at the results I am sure. Oh and by the way this was built in to the body by the Divine’s love for us. Namaste.

May 18

I have thought about this one lately, and I am pretty sure that you will see too that the body, the heart, the soul and the mind are what makes us up, and they each have a slightly different view of what we see and want to see in this world. Wouldn’t you agree? The heart sees what it loves and holds on to what it dislikes, the pain stuff. The body holds on to how it feels about things, what it would like to see and what it disagrees with that it saw, the pain stuff again. The The mind thinks up things which it agrees with and what it does not want or expect to happen, the pain stuff. The soul has …, well it has everything we need to know.

Every thing that is real and true is held right within the soul and the heart actually holds the truth of things deep down within. BUT the mind I believe is where we stumble. We can think of things, see what we want to see based on what we think we should see and presto, create a problem. It might not be true or it might be not how we wanted to see the things that come through to us, but boom, there we go. The mind can be filled with illusion some times, and it can cause our greatest problems. Before you know it, we have turned things in to a further mess. Some of us get ourselves out of this, and some of us go further with it. We put the experience aside and never truly address it. Before you know it we hit a wall.

But the heart holds the truth, so somehow we must find a way to get to this. We hide our hearts so that we will not get hurt, but this is where we need to go. Now I am not saying to give your heart away. I am saying go to your heart, for you. It is very possible to be bold enough to go with your heart, but for you. Now this is not saying be selfish. This is saying be OF heart. Imagine what the world would be like if we lived life through the heart space. It is possible. You don’t have to give your heart away, you just have to live from heart space.



Working with my own body to gain greater understanding of how the body talks to us and what feelings in the body mean what words the body is trying to say, I have learned a great deal and my hope is that we all take the time to learn the body. My body has served to be a great teacher, which has enabled me to understand pretty much everyone else. When you sit before me to have a portrait done, I can pretty much tell a person some of the issues they have been facing, and if I couple that with the messages from your soul that appear, you can pretty much use this as a cheat sheet to your life.

One other thing I learned while understanding my own body’s messages is that the body has the capacity to scream at you to get your attention. We might not want to hear what it has to say, but I have realized that it is telling this thing you need to hear for your greatest good. Sometimes it is for you to understand that this thing you fear, is just not true, and it is just not necessary. And do you know that this is a gift of love from the Divine, Just For You? There is so much love there that he is offering you. So don’t run away from it, like all of us do, embrace it, and walk right through to your gift from the Divine.

July 2

Honoring the soul
Our souls are always a big part of us. They are the energy version of us. They are the part of us that has the knowledge. This knowledge I speak of is the knowledge of what we came in this life to learn, and the knowledge of the Divine and from the Divine. Our souls have traveled with us over many lives, and they always know who we truly are at our very core. Did you know that who we are pretty much remains the same, that is, more or less the personality. What changes, to me, is who we become when we either learn our life lessons or not learn our lessons, and create more life that we need to walk through and understand.

So when I say I paint the messages of the soul, I can see the message that is most dominant, the message that has risen above the others,that wants to be addressed as soon as it can.

This gift I have that laws mge to bring the message to you no doubt comes from the Divine, and it can only be his love to you, for he loves you that much. Remember, we came here in this life to heal our souls, and to get closer to the Divine, so look at this as a chance, and accept the gift.

July 26

Let’s talk about the body for a second. The body, we are not giving the credit for how intelligent it truly is. Do you know that the has built in to all the knowledge it needs to sustain, take care of it’s self, AND bring you to the Divine? If we could stop taking for granted the body, and stop using the body like a lab mouse, experimenting with this and that on the earth, we could begin to know, love, and understand just what the body has for us. Sure, it has our life lessons within it, but if you can have great faith, you can get to that part of life where it is beautiful, and where you can have everything you desire. This is your gift from the Divine, part of his promise to you.

The body so intelligent that it knows what you need from within, and it knows what you need to see and experience in order to be a whole and loving person. We walk around looking for love because for one thing, we know how wonderful it is, and the gifts it brings, but we look for it not in the right place. We expect to get it from everyone, but everyone is at their own level of learning, and often times people are struggling to figure it all out themselves, that end up throwing the pain they have from within on you. But if they were in their right mind, and their rightful space, they would not do this.

But let’s get back to the body. Do you know that included within the body is what you as an individual need to take complete care of it’s self to be healthy, AND, the ability to pick it’s self up, and pull it’s self back together if it errors in it’s knowledge. The body has everything it needs within, if we all could only listen to our body from within. Yes people sign up for jobs that are their intention to help us, but they are people to, they know and learn what they learn from other people. You need to know from you! There are gifts in your body for you that you would be amazed to know. I do not want to tell exactly because then you would miss the great discoveries of the journey of life, but oh the gifts the Divine has for you within!

August 8

If you can, let go a little bit. Don’t attach to anything, just for a moment or two, then pay attention to the silence, then life. Just observe. Look for the gifts that are sitting in id space for you. You don’t have to worry about missing your gifts or not receiving what is yours because what is yours resonates for YOU. The Divine is so complex and so intelligent and loving that he can orchestrate ten thousand things in one millisecond and still have room to grow and give and receive love. The Divine is so loving and non judge mental that he never gives up on you and he never let’s go. If anything we let go and before you know it we have put so much space between him and ourselves that we can’t find the way that is right for us. But have no fear, there is always a way back, you just have to have the faith to know that no matter how hard or how many obstacles we feel are in the way, we can make it. And I am not saying that the road is not difficult, but I am saying, no matter what you must go through to get closer to the Divine, it is worth it. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!


September 8

Lately I have been drawing portraits with chalk and charcoal which allows me to feel the soul In a way that can not be matched. I paint most of my portraits these days because I love making the exact colors I need to make up people’s skin tones, the colors that show up to me have hidden clues in them. The colors that actually show up to me are actually clues to particular regions of people of the globe. Very fascinating and very telling. You see we are all people of different groups of the population, and in fact It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the issues we may have working with particular cultures. In fact One might think that some our life lessons might be addressing the groups of people that make up our DNA.

So back to the portrait drawings, of course I can see your soul, as I mentioned up above, but what I really want to bring up here is, there are people who have, what I call, died from within. This shows up to me through the eyes, what I call the window to your soul. I don’t normally encounter this but I want to say one thing about this, don’t let what happens in your life harden you. Stay like fluid. Move with the experiences and ask yourself, what is this experience here to teach me. That way your heart, which has all that you need, like the body and soul, can stay soft and your soul won’t die to life.

Life can and is truly wonderful, you just need to keep looking for the gift in every experience. I assure you it is there, and not only that, your heart is holding some of those experiences, of what you want and don’t want, just by how you feel about it. So stay fluid and allow yourself to move through the experiences.


October 14

I am workings on 15 portraits righ now, and these portraits have me in a deep focused and meditative space. I have to do this so I can capture the very essence, the part of you that makes you exactly you. But in doing this exercise, I have noticed that the body has been respond to my every thought, words, and deeds. I am also observing how my body is responding to the people I am encountering in or across my path. My body is truly my friend. No doubt the body has been talking to me more than I want to hear, but it is telling me things that I don’t want to hear. BUT, the body has been trying to spare me a bit of pain. I realize that if I pay attention to what it’s saying my life will be easier. And so I do. This level of focus has not been easy because I, like everyone else, has been constantly bombarded with everyone else’s opinions, but it is certainly what is needed. Especially if I want that carefree, pain free life. Since your body is your friend, why not listen? Try this and see what you get. I think you will discover what I discovered, if you just go within, focus deeply, and listen to your own body’s voice.

This apparently is a gift we all have, I just have been afforded the passionate gift of a profession that requires this kind of focus, so I am passing this on to you. This is all brought to you from these 15 portraits and the body of course. The body whose job it is to bring you to the Divine.


November 14

Messages of the body
Did you ever wonder why the body does strange things or reacts to certain things in an interesting yet strange way? Well this is the body’s way of getting your attention, hoping that you will discover what lays within you that needs to heal, or better yet see the truth of. The thing we need to do is to constantly ask the questions within ourselves, “what is this part of the body trying to tell me. I say this because the body, in it’s infinite knowledge, is designed to do many great things for you, and it is other than the way we utilize it. I have always said that the body is the most beautiful and intelligent device, and this is what I have meant. We are a soul within, but we have a body to live in this dimension. We come here to progress our soul, but we need the body to carry us to and hopefully through our life’s lessons. If we can manage to make it through these, we will find ourselves that much closer to the Divine.

This is true, I see this, have been doing this, and I can see the lessons you carry within you. So free your self, and walk that much lighter. You will enjoy more of life and actually come to the life you set up to have from the very beginning. There is much, much love waiting there for you from the Divine.


December 17

By now you know that the body possesses everything you need. How to heal yourself, inside. The way you need to take care of your body, inside knowledge. Your talent, your passion about what is yours, inside. What you came in this life to learn, inside. Your life lessons from your previous lives, inside and your intuition to guide you through life, inside. There is nothing you are lacking.

So why the pain in this life? It’s not really pain, it’s love guiding you about your choices. How else do we learn, know or let go of what is not ours.

You know the one thing that we should know that is so important, is to know ourselves. Just think, if you know yourself you know what is yours, what is not, what gifts you have that are only yours to bring to the world, and what lessons you need to learn the real truth about. And if we can understand what the body, our friend is trying to help us see, we are almost there inthe space of having a great life.

That loving space is there for us and it is a gift from the Divine. Not only that, it is where you get close to him and where you will receive true, unconditional love, and walk in the life you were truly meant to livev always.


December 27

The Emotions

The emotions are how we feel about things. You will notice these in your body when you all of a sudden feel very warm in a particular part of your body, or when you see or feel stranger things or behaviors in your body.

Your body has things to say or to show you, and these things, unfortunately are carried in the body. Lur tendency is to run to the doctor to try to figure these out, but what if we tried to figure these things out on the very first notice? Do you think if we ask our selves the question of, what is this, and what is this trying to tell me, do you think we could get to the very heart of the matter?

I watch the people who pose for me how they are using their body and I feel the clues of what might just be the issue, and when I do just a little friendly conversation I find these things to be true. So why not ask these questions of yourself? Oh wait, I might be talking myself out of my passion. Just some thing to ponder.

January 6

The communication soul to soul

We are souls at our very core, and it is through the soul that we communicate to one another and to the Divine. The soul holds the truth of all things. The body, as I mentioned in earlier postings, holds your life lessons and is responsible for what you see in the way of your projections, and it’s role is to bring you to the Divine. So essentially the body holds everything inside of it everything you will ever need in this life. So why are we not taking care of it like the gift that it is? Why are we doing things that work against it? You can’t live here without it, and you can’t hear what is needed if you focus on the small particles that bring it in to fear and pain, in your eyes. It isn’t really fear and pain, so why see it that way? Could it just be that people want to make you think that it is pain because they are holding themselves in fear and pain? Why not ask what it truly is, see it for that, walk through the experience and let go of it? We suffer because we hang on to it. Just let it go and go to that quiet space within yourself. I bet you will find that you love yourself and life more than you think you do right now.

I see the thoughts and pains of people who sit before me for my paintings and can’t help but wonder why they won’t discover what things truly are and than walk through the experience and end some suffering by letting go. This is what theD Divine wants for us. Just try.

January 31

Have you ever thought of what, “I am” means? Notice how your body changes and goes through changes. Your body is trying to tell you something. It’s usually something about yourself, or something about the situation or circumstances. It’s usually a thought you are holding on to or how you feel about something. Our.body then reacts or responds to this in kind. Observe yourself throughout one day and just note the subtle changes you do automatically in your body. Also watch how your body changes when someone says or does something that triggers yor inner thoughts and/or beliefs. Your behaviors say a lot to you for you to either recognize what you are believing or what you are feeling. That is your “I Am”, I am this and I am that at any given moment. This is what I see in my sitters in art, and this is what I am painting. But don’t take my word for it, observe yourself and others in one day. Just one day is all it will take to see what I mean.

February 17

Working with some of the people I have encountered, I have noticed something’s about my own life. Try this and see if this isn’t true for you as well. Look over deeply the people who have encountered resistance to and see EVERY piece of those individuals lives. I am willing to bet that you will find that there are multiple clues and loving gifts of what are will bring you your greatest gifts. I find that the Divine has placed every thing I need neatly wrapped up and with a bow your dream come true. In other words, the Divine has what I call placed ten thousand things right in front of me, and he is just waiting with loving arms for me to see what he has done for me. He is so beautifully intelligent that he can do 10,00 thousand things in one milo second and probably not even blink an eye. Check and see if you can find his gifts right in front of those, what we think of as painful moments. I bet we can probably go back in time and find it is all there, everything we need.

Talk about presents under the tree.

April 26

As I move around the people I draw and the people I paint, I realize some very important things about myself that should not be recognized and deserve being talked about. That is, not only should we pay attention to our own bodies, we should also acknowledge the messages that come through to us from the people we encounter throughout our day. The people we encounter have messages for us that are very important to us and our well being. There are subtle messages right in front of us that have some very important things to teach us about ourselves. These messages are not harsh but they are true messages that we need to know about ourselves.

You will receive these messages if you have walked through your own inner messages and you have learned who you truly are from within. You know there are several things we must learn, but the one thing I do know for sure is that we must truly know who we are from within. This is one of the first steps in living that life you were intended for. All the rest will follow I assure you. If you fill your life with who you are from within, all that you ever wanted will come through to you, but just make sure that you do your homework on you so you can see it.

Yes the messages are subtle but they are true and intended for you, and only you. There is much joy and love in these subtle messages, and I find that what I learn only makes me love me from the heart, which if you realize where they are coming from, and whose giving them to you, will make you love the Divine more. It’s pure love people, and it’s coming from your heart and his. Don’t thank me though, thank him!



Lately I have been moving around in different circles, with different people, and I have discovered some insights that I believe are worthy of passing on to the people who read my blog faithfully. Life lives with you as a living thing that foes with how you resonate. We see things according to what we hold on to inside of us. Like the law of attraction just clings to us, so it seems. Our dominant thoughts, well we wear those, unknowingly, our pains, we hold on to those, because we don’t like the and just can’t let go of it, what we want, well it’s all around us and just about falls in our laps. So think about this and understand how things work! Pretty interesting, isn’t it, and pretty fascinating.

So why are we suffering? And are we really suffering? Look at your life deeply here and from another perspective. Turn this thing around, and live without pain, without the pain you think you’ve seen and are experiencing, and live life intentionally, with your purpose, and from your heart space. I dare you! And then watch what happens in your life. I’ll bet you will find more love in your life than you can imagine. I’ll bet you’ll see you have been getting everything you wanted and need to understand, good ideas and unnecessary beliefs.

Oh and that love you seek, choose the real and unconditional love. The one that the Divine is offering you.


May 20

While I was working in my studio I joyfully played around and ran in to the next room, but as I was running I ran into my artist tabouret made of oak and fractured my leg in three places. Believe it or not this turned out to be the greatest gift of my artist life. This fracture which took six months to heal since I chose no surgery pushed me to greater heights in my artist career. I longed to be at my easel to paint , so I used my iPhone to take pictures of the people who were helping me heal and pushed these photos to my iPad to position and blow the size to exactly where I thought the drama was in the photos. I brought in the technology to assist as a model.i ended up with more portraits than I ever would have finding models to paint.

Not only did the technology help push me further along with my portrait work, this experience became my marketing and advertising tools.

Who knew that the fractures would become the driver for an expansion of my artist career.

One never knows how or where your passions will take you, you just have to trust that all things work out for your greater good. You just have to trust your heart that it knows what you want and it knows the best way to get you your greatest gifts of all.

So don’t give your heart away. Allow it to take you to your greatest good. Your gift!


May 23

The guidance of the Divine
Did you ever notice that little voice inside your body telling you things about what is to come towards that and wondered how did that come up, or how did you know this so soon before it happens? Who you you think that is? Notice how if you listen to it, it doesn’t steer you wrong? Notice how it gives you the perfect answer to your immediate situation at hand, or if not at hand, soon to come. Ever notice yourself saying I knew it or I wish I had listened to that inner voice? Who do you think that is? How can this be known? Think about it, somebody has your best interest at heart!

How can I realize this as an artist? Could I be in the moment observing what is coming up to me while I’m working on my passion? Try being in the moment while you are doing what pleases your heart and see what you get.

May 24

Look at life deeply. Did you know that life works like this, we go in and out of consciousness, hence mindfull awareness and then the triggers that sort of stop us in our tracks from living that full life we came here to live. Oh but yes the Divine is yet so loving and kind. He allows these life occurenessess to take place so that you can heal your inner soul. So essentially what this really means is that the Divine so loves us that we can live that joyous happy and loving life, and if we fall or stop short for the moment to see, figure things out, resolve things, and come to a place of compassion with these things, you will see and begin to understand all that he does for you! The Divine lets us have our experiences, hit the contrast of life, and then go back to his loving space of love, living freely in the moment. The Divine is so beautiful that he pours nothing but love to you.

Do you know what the word beautiful actually means? If not, sit quietly with that for a moment and you will understand what I have figured out while creat–I got my passion, my art.


May 28

Sitting quietly in stillness before I paint is probably one of the best gifts I can give to myself. I do this before I begin to paint or draw as a way to center myself in order to create my art freely. I need to do this every day so that, number one, I create from the heart, number two so that I can feel the being who I am creating, and number three, so that I can receive the messages of my own body. I can then tell which inner feelings are mine so that I am clear about what I am picking up for the person I am painting. I definitely have to sit in stillness first or else my journey of painting and discovery is so much harder. This practice allows me to feel the person I am painting and discover what truly makes the person look as they look. Their uniqueness.

However, there is a much greater gift awaiting everyone in that stillness. It is all of who you are, all the things of life, and better yet, the Divine. This is where you can meet the Divine face to face.

Nothing is hidden from us. We just have to do our work first. I won’t say it is easy, but I will say that it is worth it. So please, I invite you to take the journey. There is nothing else like it.


July 9

I have been talking quite a bit about the body now, but let me ask you this. Have you ever noticed that when you get right down to the messages of the body that the body is not only your friend, it is also quite humorous in its dileverance of your messages?

I know, sometimes you don’t want to hear from the body, but have you noticed that it’s going to say what it has to say, ANTWAY, damnit!

I would say that the body is just messing with you, but it is just being funny. It just wants you to lighten up!


August 19

The world of contrasts
Have you thought about what that actually means? Or for that matter, have you heard of the world of contrasts in this life before?

Life is really a beautiful thing. It will let you have whatever you dream up, good or bad. Just know, it will all come around,right back at you. Oh but you won’t recognize it when it comes, but it’s there to teach you something, for sure.

Look around, it’s all around you. Look, smell, taste. It’s everywhere. It’s coming from inside YOU! It what resonates with you, it’s what you believe, it’s your thoughts, and it’s what you came here to learn, understand its truth, and it’s there to help you get to the compassionate understanding of.

It taps in to all the laws of the univers, and contrast is one of them. You might not like it, but don’t be afraid, you are not alone with it, an you just need to push through with it, and see what it’s there to teach you.

So go ahead, please. You might not like it at first, but the end of it is the golden reward. Don’t keep coming though to multiple try’s, just walk this journey now if you can.
Namaste, and please, I invite your comments at; patrice@patriceceleste.com

September 11

You know the body is a rather interesting and intelligent device. I’ve always said this.. We come here as babies, and depending on what we came here to learn, our youthful years are either blissful or not, but I’ve noticed that the moment we come here our lessons begin. We all definitely don’t like what we get in the way of our lessons, but I know we darn sure have to go though it until we learn what we came here to learn.
Being an artist that paints people lets me see a lot, and it is one of my gifts to pick up what I see in the soul. You might not like what surfaces in you but if you could just sit with it, it could lead you to a greater you.

The portrait part will look just like you but there will be a very dominant thought you are holding on to. Don’t run from it, see what it’s telling you. Embrace it and then it will be released.you have everything to gain so why not. My models welcome it. Might as well take advantage of this yourselves. I’ve done this on myself as well. I might not have liked everything but I made it through and so you can.

November 5

For the last several months I have been working on the 25 plus portraits of the people who have helped me heal my broken leg and cut fascia, muscles and tendons, and although I am working on everyone else’s portraits, it has been one eye opening experience after another for me. Or should I really call it a heart opening experience.

When I broke my leg in three places, I just felt like I was just dying from the inside not doing my art. I normally paint people from life in my studio, but since I couldn’t at this time, I thought about pulling this whole experience off and decided to use my technology since I had it. I took pictures with my iPhone and then pushed them to my iPad. I didn’t stop there. I drew the people bot I also drew in what I know of their personality as well. So it looked exactly like them, but it also had their soul knowledge. Ah, this I could live with!

On the way several things continued to happen to me. I kept seeing very deeply in to my own self. The more I drew, the quieter I got, and the more I saw and learned about myself. It’s not all peaches and cream to discover that the decisions we make in our daily lLives is because of how we see and feel about experiences in our own life.so my drawing experience became a two for one. Isn’t that just how life works? Look.in your own life and see what you need to know about your own self and you two will feel lighter and get closer to your own heart. Namaste

November 17

Did you know that the body has a voice other than your daily voice? I know this because, for some reason, as a child I observed how people utilized their body and realized that I understood what each move end and how people were operating their body parts. I learned that the body was very intelligent and that one of its functions was to help you learn what it is that we have come in this life to understand completely. I definitely know that this is one of my great gifts. I also realize that the way I desire to express it is throw my art. I constantly try to tell people so that they can work through these things but I see that not all will get this, but the body is our greatest ally. How do I know this? I have studied it over many years and I have had many, many people put it to the test.

I love what I do and I love how I choose to bring it forth. I use to want people to get the gift and understand it, because it’s there to help you, but if no one understands it and takes the messages to their highest level I am happy that I will be able to leave it in my art, the paintings and drawings of expressive realism. Patrice Celeste Fine Art. Namaste

February 15

Drawing many many portraits these past months, in fact over a year now and it is amazing what I have learned about people. Funny because at the age of sixteen I remember saying to myself, “how can I draw people when I don’t know much about them”. I went on a long quest to study people while I went to college, graduate school, and different professions that would continue to teach me all the skills I felt would make me a better artists. For a minute there I got burnt out, discovered I did not like what I learned about people, and actually got to a point of actually disliking myself. So I spent time, lots of time, more than I care to think about, reflecting, discover why and all that I have learned about people, and got the understanding I need regarding people, and in this process learned to love myself again. You see one of the great big lessons I learned is that people dislike themselves for so many reasons that because I came from a space of juse love of people myself that people saw that as a way of throwing what they disliked about themselves on me. Gosh that kind of bites hard but I had to stop and go do what I had originally set out to do, and that is paint people.

You see I have a unique gift which allows me to see people art their soul level, which allows me the ability to sit with people and paint what I see. My gift to people when I paint them, is to show them, through my painting of them, their dominant thoughts, as well I can teach people why they are utilizing their body as they do. The one great thing this can do for people, if they ask the question why within themselves, has the healing they need to be closer to who they truly are from within.

It is my hope that people do just that, see what is within themselves, ask the questions within themselves, and just heal.

Namastse, until the next entry in this blog.

April 7

Have you ever just sat still in the silence and listened to your breath and perhaps the sound of nature? Believe it or not there are great life messages in that silence. Perhaps you say you don’t have the time, but are you really busy doing busy work every single minute of your awakening hours? And are you really awake or just operating out of your inner fears during all those hours? What about the time before you go to sleep? How or when do you turn the day off? And for that matter, how does one day not run in to another sleep walking day? There’s an awful lot of great knowledge in that time you would truly do well to learn about yourself and why you do what you do.

Did you know that the body is here for more than what you utilize it for. There are reasons why our body operates as it does, and there are messages the body has been trying to tell us from a young child, but we just don’t recognize that this is one of the great functions the body is capable of telling us and wants to get us to see and understand in order to heal ourselves and become whole. And this is only one of the great jobs of the body.

I as an expressive realist artist see this in everybody, and I don’t know the purpose of these messages, but I can tell you it’s in there. I see it in every painting I paint of the human body, so why don’t you take these messages and see what they are trying to tell you? What if we are getting things wrong in this life when it comes to the body? Do yourselves a big service and look deeply inside yourself.






May 11

As I move around painting the portraits and bodies of many people I’ve noticed and have discovered that the body holds a great deal of the same type of information inside its self. This information is vital to each of us and necesary for our body and soul elevation of life here. We come here thinking of the great opportunities that we are afforded by starting out in a youthful body. This is partially true but we come here for so much more. We try and try over and over to accomplish these goals, and either life’s lessons along the way get in our way it seems, or we get side tracked and run out of time. Our body’s have obstacles in them for a reason. Or rather, they are not obstacles, they are our life lessons that we came her to know, grow, gain understanding of, and come to compassion on and move through. I know, easier said then do, but it is just that. But I want to let you know, we don’t run out of time unless we want to or get to the point that we absolutely have to. Sure the body gets some limited physical challenges, but you can still go on and go through and beyond this. Yes life might not be easy, but it’s worth it to go through the entire journey. If we are lucky or strong enough we can make it through without the complete interruptions of humans and come to the place of pure love and knowledge.


May 20

You know what, try this, just for a day, please.

Stop thinking, just for a day. I know it’s hard but just try this. Stop in its tracks all thinking. Just watch the thoughts go by, like a movie. You will come to a place of peace. Just let go of all thinking. Just for that short time. Now notice how peaceful that space is you have just then begin to enter. Now in that space, observe life. Notice how peaceful and happy life is? That is because all suffering comes from what we think in our heads. It is the illusion of life. Right there. The mind is is full of illusions, one after another. Now imagine living life from that space all the time! That is where all suffering comes from. So now imagine if you dared to come at life from your heart. Go towards tour passion. The very thing you’ve been afraid to go towards, because you think either it’s not going to make you any money to sustain you in life, or that people will think your crazy or it’s not true! What if you just went towards it, your passion but chose to keep it inside you, to yourself. Try it and see what it looks like! I bet you’ll discover something wonderful!



Have You Recognized What Letting Go Can Do For You?

I say this because I too have walked through what I’m telling you here. Letting go can make all the difference in the world to you. Letting go alleviates all the suffering, relieves the stress, helps you get through the process, and enables you to get to that very thing you are intended to do in the first place. It is the very spot where life as it is meant for you CAN and DOES begin. In fact, the Divine can greet you right there. This is the space where you can create ALL that you need to do, what you do–what you came here to do. This is the space where you can meet pure unconditional love. So why not go there? Why not let go? So what if you see things that you think are wrong, unfair, or undeserving? That’s looking at the worldly side of things. How does that saying go? “Be ‘in’ the earth, not ‘of’ the earth.” That statement is true! Those things that you feel happened to you, are actually the things that got you to let go of the illusion. The illusion of what you thought it was. In the scheme of things, those things weigh nothing compared to what you are now prepared to do. Don’t hold back, don’t think negatively, and especially don’t look back. Keep pushing forward. Great things are waiting for you, if you would only let it be. It’s what I strive to see in my paintings.



 Do You Know About Pain?

You know pain, which we hold in our bodies, comes about from suffering, and of course suffering  reeder is unnecessary believe it or not. So then why do we suffer? It has NOTHING to do with the Divine you know. We choose it ourselves, and unfortunately it is held in the body. Well actually we hold it in the heart which then gets activated in the body. How do I know this? It’s because I see it when I paint people and move around in my daily life. I am an artist who can see the pain you hold in your body I what I can’t see, I can feel. I don’t like this,  but I can’t help it either. I bring it forth for you to see it, recognize it, and then hopefully heal it. I can’t pick up who the pain is about or why, but it comes up to the surface I assure you. I love painting people, but as much as I want to paint what’s in front of me, your pain shows upOh the portrait shot will look just like you, but there will be some slight variation that appeared on the surface. This kind of drives me crazy but no matter what I try I can’t change it. Unfortunately this makes me take longer than is necessary but eventually I’ll see the light. My only hope then is that you take it and heal it. That is why my paintings are called expressive realism. 

BUT, do you know that pain is really how we feel about something that has happened to us. It really is how we feel about what we went through. Actually it is because the thing that we were attracted to did not do what they said they were going to do or did not do what we expected they would do. It’s the illusion really that we fell for. Really it was a lie which covered up what was in the mind of the person, really there to them. The person or people did not see their higher self, so they thought that would need to do these things to pay back what they think they have experienced, or something they needed to do to protect themselves, but none of this is really true. It really is love to each one of us, but we get tangled up in love and can’t see what it really is. BUT instead of holding on to the experience, could we somehow release it and see the difference in how we feel and operate? AND all without sacrificing ourself or compromising and pushing the experience out on someone else? Let’s try not falling in to the illusion. 


So Why Don’t We Believe What We Hear and See From Within?

We speak within our heart about what we truly want and we wonder why we don’t get that right then, but don’t things have to come together in their own time? Why do we go to a place of hurt and anger first? Why don’t we trust that it will come to us in the most opportune time?  The Divine knows us from our heart, but remember, he also then knows ALL things. That means good and bad. You want the good? Then do good, please. It doesn’t take much to follow your heart. So what if it’s not reciprocated, he still knows your heart. Look instead to what the Divine gives you, not what other people make you think has happened. People are hurting so they might not see it themselves, and remember, people see what they want to see, but is that really true?  Would that really come from a person who comes purely and unconditionally from the heart? 

You know we have all come to this place of contrast to do our work, and that work is held from within. So look inside, do your work, see it for what it truly is, then get closer to the Divine, and the passion you hold within. After, it’s what you have wanted to do. You are the only one holding yourself from true you. Don’t get caught up in the, what I call, stuff that people want you to believe. Be better than that. The Divine is waiting for you. Sure we all have work to do that we hold within, but what else are you spending ALL your time on. When is NOW not a better time? Don’t get me wrong, you can not do any of it and I’ll still have my passion to do, but why not start now? Look at the body and see what I see. That’s where you can start! Peace!


Dont See Pain, It Really Ismt There


If you aren’t looking for pain, why do you see pain? It really isn’t there, :I assure you. It’s just the way that the body gets us to go towards the fullness that we seek. We already know that this is ours and we can have it if we go towards it and believe. So why don’t we hold on to that knowing and claim it? We all can have it. In fact it is there waiting for us to align with it. You must trust the universe and how it is leading us to it. Never mind the path it is taking you through to align with it. We just need to trust that it knows already the optimal path and go. Isn’t that what we all want? So what’s holding us back, really? We can’t be afraid of whatever, and if we are afraid you will soon learn that fear is just a thin veil. We can break through it if we would only try. Today is a good day to try so what do you say?!

feedback please!!!



in this world of hurt and pain all everyone wants to do is get it off of the self. We are not built for pain, we are built for love, and so all we want to do is find love. That’s all, and so we look for love from the time we are born. However, does anyone know what love REALLY IS. Sure we all search, and sure we get stung looking for it, but how can we be sure that what we are actually looking for is real love. From what I’ve seen walking around on this earth is that EVERYONE has a different rendition, understanding, of what love really is. But don’t we really want unconditional love? Who do you think is really, truly giving that? For that matter, do we really know what it is, or would we really recognize it when it came to you?  

But In order to to be able to receive it, you have got to get yourself in alignment with what you know to be true from the heart. And guess what, your heart holds the only real truth, but you have got to really look at pain and see what it is telling you, or if it is really pain at all, but how can we if we have not come to a compassionate place in our own hearts? Coming to a place of compassion requires that we do what we came here in this life to do, and that is we must look at the truth of the experiences we’ve been through. Theses experiences look like pain to us but they really are not. I believe we see them as pain because the experiences did not come to us as we expected, or we may have forgotten. So my suggestion would be to analyze them and then see them in the real light of what they are. When you do this you will begin to see you are getting the optimal solution for what you truly want. End of suffering, and out comes the compassion.  Ahhhh, the very thing I love to draw in my portraits!





The Lessons Of The Body

The body, I have learned, has its own voice, its own way of getting the messages to us. Whether we like it or not, the body has everything we need to know and learn within. We most often won’t like what it has to do to us to get us to listen, but the body is going to get our attention, and it will be heard, one way or another. As I think about these messages the body has to tell me, I get upset for how it goes about getting my attention, but like it or not, it will make me listen and figure out what it’s saying.

The body is going to do what it has to do to get me to hear it. My complaint, or one of my complaints is there is no cheat sheet, no cliff notes, no one to tell me what the messages mean so that I can work through it. I kick, I fuss, I curse, but the body doesn’t care, damn it!  We don’t mean to be unruly during this time of learning, but it happens because we look at the body the wrong way. The first thing we run to do is go to the doctor because there must be something wrong that the medical field can fix. BUT, doctors are people just like you and I. Doctors are doctors because they went to school to learn how to earn a living to, they see, survive. Doctors are people just like you and I. They learn their craft from other people who have learned from other people who learned before them, and as well from text books and practicing. Doctors, like Dentists, and others have learned to make money off the body. People willingly give doctors the opportunity to do this because they are not seeing the messages correctly.

It’s the bodies job actually to bring you to the messages we hold within which are not at all what we think they are. If you can spend the time going inward to figure out what the body is trying to teach us you can shed a great deal of falsities. Sure there might be a lot but it’s not going to go away unless you do this. It’s our body but we give the rights away to others who we think know better then we can ever know. Yet we have the capability to figure these things out for ourself. We have the body and we have the soul. The soul steps back to let the body do what it came here to do. So on that note, do you actually have any other choice.lets go!




The Soul You Have Inside Of You  


Do you realize that you are not your body and you are not your mind but you are really the soul that’s inside of you?  That soul you are, inside of you, is the real you. You are pure, consious, energy at the very core of you. I know most can’t feel it, but that is really you!  The soul sits inside of the body, the soul has perfect knowledge, the soul is connected to the Divine, and when the body tries to do its work for you, what it came here to do, the soul steps back in the body and let’s the body learn its life lessons.

The body has within itself, all the life lessons that we came here to do, we just have to believe that it is so, and do the work. After all this is what we came to do, and do you know that this gives you the ability to get closer to Divine love? Divine love is what we all seek. We just keep looking for love in other people instead of where it really is. The next thing you know is you get hurt because it’s not really what you thought it was. BUT, why not go after the true and unconditional love of the Divine. Isn’t that what we all want? The body only has its job to do. So do your work and rise up to who you were truly meant to be. Your soul is just the pure energy of you, but the body, your friend, is only here to help, in spite of what it looks like.

My role as an artist is can show you some of the issues that are holding you back. This I have the ability to pick up from your soul, and don’t get me wrong I love doing what I do, but I am one of the messengers. I love to help you with this but I also only want you to do your work and get to the part of you that lives the full life you were intended to live, but I can help you if you seek me out.