Bocca di Vita


Still life paintings are the view of life through nature, nature of what is made by the Divine of life.

Nature has within it the beauty of life at all of it’s complexities. Life, when taken in fully has much to teach us. From the simplest of things to that of great diversities. Life can teach us what we can’t bare the thought of learning through people, the subtly of the natural world.

I paint still-life paintings to study what nature has to show us about light, form, how light shines on it’s truths and the beauty and knowledge in each object. When I paint the stillness of life, I not only study what the subject has to teach me, but in the process of capturing the object I gain understanding through the production of the thoughts and technique I bring to life. I find you can learn as much from the process as you can from the study.

But, life’s lessons  don’t start there, this is only our entry point, because life exists all around us and life begins for us when we truly enter in. We are born and we think that life begins when we learn how to talk, walk, eat and all the things the parent figure teaches us. Parent figures are to give us the basics in order to sustain us through our journey in life but they should be just the starting point. Life appears, true life, when we are ready for it. Watch a seed from growth to it’s fruit and you will learn a great deal about what life has to offer us. It is a lesson in it’s self about how life flows around us and a starting point for where you can slip in and begin your own journey.

This experience of true life is inviting us to step in and taste what life has to truly offer, not the things that surround us, entice us to detour from our true path, but to see what is. I won;t say that what we see is all beauty and bliss but it will bare all of it’s complexities. Isn’t this what we truly came here to discover? So why not start with a seed, watch it turn in to the fruit of life that it is? This is the softest way to begin to understand how to jump in and begin the journey. I promise it is rewarding, we just need to step in and begin.