Artist Intro

The body holds the inner messages , the soul holds the inner knowledge, the colors I see in you are the characters you’ve come here as


                     To portray the thing or object the way it is without a brush stroke of his own judgement.

Born in New York City, in Manhattan to a family of 4 and encouraged by my mother to draw from the age of eight, I began the discipline of drawing portraits and figures which became my every day passion.  I focused primarily on drawing portraits, which quickly grew into my love for the human body and all it has to offer. You see, in watching how people utilize their body, I could tell what their main concerns were and this fascinated me. I was drawn to this feature of the body and I was eager to share it with the person. So while focusing on drawing and painting portraits, I kept my gaze on how people utilized the body and I could not wait to know well the anatomy of the human figure, just to be able to paint this into my portraits.

 Drawing several hours every day for 10 plus years paved the way to earning a BFA from the University of San Francisco and the Academy of Art joint degree program. 

 While working to pay for my art degree, I took a job at a local art store and learned the art of picture framing.  I was asked to assume the responsibility of designing store displays, and learned that having a creative talent impacted aspects of life that even I had not imagined.

 I started my art career in advertising because realistically I needed to earn a living for myself. High-tech was the industry around me so advertising for high-tech was my way to go. It was Mandatory at USF to take computer classes before we left the school, and to my surprise I loved this mystery box. It to me was much like the human body was to individuals. Long story short, I pursued an MBA in Computer Science and discovered a new level of expressing my knowledge of the body through software and internet capabilities. I discovered that I could learn and study the artists of prior periods in life as well as share my knowledge. 

Recognizing the ability to reach greater audiences, and the potential of manipulating existing software applications to strengthen my art using the latest canvas space – the internet, proved even further the importance of my calling.  But I was not done there. I discovered while looking at myself deeply, that I have a very strong desire for what I call the Italian style of art, art with great compassion and illumination.

 Yet something was still missing, connectivity to human life energy was not fully there.  What was missing was the feeling that can only be felt through the work that is passed from the hands and heart of the artist through to the soul of the canvas.  Bringing back the paint and the palette was essential.

 I came back to study art with a master colorist under the classical realist tradition.  I earned more technical expertise working five years in an Atelier, two more years in a private artist studio (also in workshops of other artist studios), and three plus on my own for mastery of my vocation. 

 Currently you will find me in my studio located in downtown San Jose, California, where I work 6 days a week. You might ask: Who are my inspirations? I would have to say, Michaelangelo Bonaroti, Leonardo Da Vinci, Guido Reni, and Annibale Carracci.

Knowing what I know today, and combining all my acquired strengths through long disciplined work, has allowed me to become the artist that I truly wanted to be.


David Hardy, Master Artist, Atelier School of Classical Realism, “Patrice’s unusual sensitivity to color manifests itself in her work.”