Words of the Artist

Kandinsky put it nicely, “

Kandinsky’s philosophy about spiritual life and art is founded on the idea of a three-tiered triangle containing all of humanity, with the sections descending from top down, smallest to largest. The triangle is slowly—nearly imperceptibly—moving forward and upward, towards a higher level of enlightenment. The top of the triangle represents the current day, while the next segments represent future ages.

The most spiritually elevated people exist in the top section and are, as such, the smallest group; they see today what others will not understand until tomorrow. Artists exist in every segment of the triangle, and those who can see beyond the bounds of their section are prophets, offering “spiritual food” that will only be fully grasped by the segment below in the day to come.

The artist’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, when translated into art, have the power to affect the spiritual climate of his or her society. The artist is obligated to use his or her talent to make a positive impact in this way—to create sincere, original work that helps humanity toward collective enlightenment.


Simple yet true, I love to paint the human figure. The figure or the body has some important things to say to us, and these message are carried through from the soul through to the body. I say through from the soul to the body because the body projects what we need to see. This is our reality, and it is what we need to know.

The body is our connection to the soul which is so extremely important to us, and it is our truest companion. Our bodys have messages, your life lessons, what you came here in this life to work on. They are the what you are thinking, feeling and believing and what you most need to hear and they are healing. When you work through these messages you can come to the life you so desire freely. What is inside you at the moment I connect to your life energy, I simply bring forward.

 My belief is that there is good in everyone and what comes out is what I see and feel from within  you. It just doesn’t happen for me any other way. The truth from the heart and the soul is very important to me and it is what I see to create. So the person I see is actually you from the soul level, the true you.

 Sometimes I get the information from your portrait and some of the information comes from the way you utilize your body. What I do without thinking, is connect to your soul and then bring forth the messages. I have always been a creative person by nature, so my means of expressing my heart is through what I find most noteworthy of the soul.

“We look and feel as we do because of the decisions of many, yet we are all really just from the same source, but we all have something to say and things to learn and those messages are within”

One Response

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself Patrice. “The body is the most beautiful and intelligent device.”

    Our bodies are the gateway into our soul; higher power, subconscious mind (SCM), spirit, source energy, God or whatever label you choose. And our bodies speak to us in ways words alone can’t.

    Imagine for a moment our thinking mind, the conscious (CM) and our feeling mind (SCM), in an agreement that when a life experience is simply too painful that the SCM will hold onto it until the CM is ready to acknowledge it, learn the life lesson from having gone through the experience of it and begin the healing process.

    Now, envision for a moment Patrice’s ability to tap in — tune in — turn inward into your body’s soul and express it through her paintings as a tool for insight to help you on your healing journey. Amazing right!!

    Did you know that all negative emotions are caused by an imbalance in the body’s energy system. When in the “negative emotion” the energy flow is disrupted. That imbalance is what causes emotional intensity. And, left alone, our energetic system continues to get triggered, compounding the intensity putting another layer/barrier/blockage in our energy flow.

    Now, consider an upside down brick pyramid. This represents how a problem has evolved. The brick on the bottom is the first situation in life which has started the building process. It represents some situation, thought or idea that has occurred in the past which was too painful to deal with at the time. All by itself it does not amount to much, however given the right circumstances and enough reinforcement in subsequent days, months and years (represented by the next three layers of bricks) it can develop into some real troublesome symptoms (the top layer of bricks). Each brick on the top layer are potentially numerous pyramids representing different symptoms. Some common symptoms are compulsive eating, low self-esteem, insecurity, headaches, drug abuse, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic illnesses, etc.

    In summary, the SCM was never meant to hold onto suppressed/repressed energies. But for most of us, it’s not until our body is so uncomfortable, getting our attention, that we take action. And, there’s many roads that lead us on our healing journey to release and set free what no longer serves us. After we have Patrice’s tools (paintings) we will utilize my tools (Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy) to continue the healing process for ridding one’s self of negative emotions, non-serving beliefs and many physical pains that have an emotional component by using the body’s natural energy system to solve emotional challenges. Imagine how great you will feel!! Learn how you can achieve better healing results with less stress. Visit http://www.RelaxingResults.com